Knowledge Retention

People can’t do what they don’t remember.

Research shows that people forget up to 79% of new information within days and weeks. It’s just how the human brain works. Yet companies that continually reinforce knowledge and skills achieve are set for success.

Unlike other employee enablement solutions, Qstream delivers the only scientifically proven approach to reinforce core knowledge and skills, preparing your employees for any situation in the field, with customers or on the job.

Scientifically Proven Methodology

Developed at Harvard Medical School under the consultation and research by spaced education pioneer and Qstream founder, Dr B. Price Kerfoot, Qstream’s interval reinforcement approach has been scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention by up to 170%, increase proficiency 17% on average and durably changes behaviors of employees. Bite-sized scenario-based challenges delivered to the employee’s mobile device or desktop every few days provide opportunities for them to recall and apply their knowledge. Scenarios are repeated over a short period of time until the new information or skill is mastered.

Adaptive Delivery Engine

Qstream’s adaptive delivery algorithm personalizes each employee’s experience to optimize reinforcement and engagement. Every day the platform delivers tens of thousands of challenges via app notifications and email while constantly recalculating individual delivery schedules.

Instant Feedback 

Based on their responses, patrticipants receive instant feedback, and are able to see how well they performed on a specific scenario relative to their peers.

Rich-Media Explanations

A critical element of the reinforcement process, brief explanations on the best responses to each challenge are presented, further reinforcing the information and skills that matter most. Explanations may include videos, graphics, PDFs and links to other relevant sales assets.

Embedded Video and Role-plays

Enable your teams by leveraging the power of video to demonstrate what good looks like, ensuring your reps are aligned on the messaging and skills required to drive on-the-job decisions.

Game, Social and Reputation Mechanics

Game, social and reputation mechanics, such as scoring, leader boards, aliases and integrated commenting create positive competition and high levels of participation.  93% of participants on average get involved, arguably much higher than other learning and development technologies. Users can be grouped into teams to compete for top scores on leader boards with up-to-the-minute rankings.

Performance Packs

Qstream Performance Packs make it easy for teams and others to provide the right reinforcement strategy by matching the amount of content, level of competition and duration with the optimal mix of game mechanics.

Advanced Settings and Options

Qstream challenges can be multiple choice, multiple correct, fill in the blank, and more. A range of settings include randomized answer choices, public or moderated participant feedback and leaderboard competition options.  Choose from text-only challenges, or incorporate rich media such as high-quality images, video, podcasts and PDFs.

Program Manager Dashboards

Qstream’s program management dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of team engagement, performance and proficiency levels, including drill-down reports by individual and topic. The platform’s robust tagging system lets managers view data in unlimited ways. Onboard analytics provide executives with unprecedented insights into organizational knowledge gaps, enabling highly prescriptive actions that ensure business goals are met.