Allow for Survey Questions in a Qstream

Qstream is proud to announce that survey questions are now available for general use. We’ve had a few customers testing out this functionality with great success but until our recent release, including survey questions in a Qstream was only available to those with super admin access.

Site owners and authors now have the ability to make any question in a Qstream a survey question. After choosing to add a multiple choice or multiple answer question, click on the Advanced tab and you’ll see the new option listed under the Question Settings section.

Running a survey question allows you to ask questions of participants that are not marked as correct or incorrect. For example, it’s now possible to ask participants to give their opinion on the content of a Qstream or to choose what they might like to see next in regards to Qstream topics.

You can include a survey question as one of many questions in your Qstream, or you can run an entire Qstream of just survey questions, depending on what you’re hoping to find out from participants.

When answering survey questions in the middle of a Qstream, participants will receive a different completion message since there is no correct or incorrect answer in this scenario, although they will receive engagement points for answering the question. However, if the survey question is at the end of the Qstream, participants will receive the usual message stating that they have completed the Qstream.

To see how participants have answered, you can view participant responses in the Question Details section located on the Proficiency tab of the Program Manager dashboard or by downloading the Question Attempts report from the Insights dashboard.

By offering this new question functionality, we’re hoping that you’ll find even more value in Qstream and can use our product in a new way to discover how your participants are feeling.

Let us know if you have any questions!