User Experience

We like to keep things powerfully simple.

Keeping a busy teams on top of their game is a monumental task for any business. The key to success is ensuring that employees are consistently engaged while you equip them to be better at what they do. Qstream’s intuitive mobile interface, ease of use and blend of professional game mechanics have consistently resulted in a engagement rate of 93% or better – month after month, year after year.

Mobile Convenience

Runs in any iOS, Android or Windows desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile environment via Qstream’s native app, web mail or from within and Veeva CRMs.

Automated Push Notifications

Notification formats include email and push notifications to mobile apps. A “vacation hold” setting ensures that participants never miss an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills just because they are temporarily out of the business.

Intuitive Interface

No training required. Qstream’s interface is designed so that participants can complete challenges in just minutes a day via single-click actions.

Game, Social and Reputation Mechanics

Game, social and reputation mechanics, such as scoring, leader boards, aliases and integrated commenting create positive competition and improve engagement. Employees can be grouped into teams to compete for top scores on leader boards with up-to-the-minute rankings.

Device Sync

Challenge questions and other information automatically sync across devices so your Qstream up to date in real-time regardless of which device is used.

Available in 18 Languages

Full Unicode support enables Qstream to be deployed in 18 languages out of the box, including English (US), English (Great Britain), German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Italian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai.