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Amalgam Insights Recognizes Qstream as One of 2018’s top sales enablement solutions

31st July 2018

Leading analyst in the brain science of learning, Todd Maddox, reviews Qstream microlearning platform developed at Harvard which is scientifically proven to increase job performance.


BOSTON and BURLINGTON, Mass. – July 31, 2018 – Qstream, the only microlearning platform scientifically proven to make people better at what they do, today announced that it has been chosen as one of the top sales enablement solutions of 2018 by Amalgam Insights. In the July 2018 report “2018’s Best Sales Enablement Solutions for Building Better Sales Brains,” Amalgam Insights Research Fellow, Todd Maddox, identifies the best learning science approaches to optimize sales training.


Qstream, initially developed at Harvard Medical School, employs a challenge-based learning approach that is proven to increase knowledge retention up to 170 percent and job proficiency gains up to 35 percent. In the report, Maddox cites Qstream’s foundation in science and emphasis on scenario-based learning as key to its unique offering.


“Qstream excels in each of the three critical skill areas that we’ve identified: combining effective sales enablement, people skills, and situational awareness,” said Maddox. “The Qstream platform was built with the cognitive skills system in mind: it offers a number of tools that target behavior change, and its scenario-based approach is designed to engage emotional learning systems.”


Qstream uses bite-sized, challenge-based learning to improve job skills and identify microcoaching opportunities to help managers know who, what, and when to coach – in just minutes a day. By making people better at their jobs, Qstream helps organizations meet customer needs and organizational goals.


“Qstream is designed to stimulate critical thinking and behavior change of sales people in the field so they can close more business, the ultimate desired outcomes of any sales enablement program,” said Rich Lanchantin, CEO of Qstream. “Qstream provides knowledge reinforcement, gap assessment and performance correlation to help salespeople ‘learn through questions.’ It’s very gratifying to see the team’s hard work reflected in this ‘Best of’ designation from Amalgam Insights.”


About Amalgam Insights

Amalgam Insights ( is a consulting and strategy firm focused on the transformative value of Technology Consumption Management. AI believes that all businesses must fundamentally reimagine their approach to data, design, cognitive augmentation, pricing, and technology usage to remain competitive. AI provides marketing and strategic support to enterprises, vendors, and institutional investors for conducting due diligence in Technology Consumption Management.


About Qstream
Developed at Harvard Medical School, Qstream is the only microlearning platform scientifically proven to quantifiably enhance job proficiency. Unlike traditional corporate training programs, the Qstream app delivers scenario-based, precision learning (Qstreams) in just minutes a day, and within the daily flow of work. Knowledge-intensive industries including life sciences, healthcare, financial services, and technology use Qstream to improve recall of critical information and identify individual proficiencies so managers know who, what and when to coach. With hundreds of customers and thousands of participants globally, including Capital One, Pfizer, and Autodesk Qstream is trusted to build teams that excel. To learn more, visit, and connect with us on Twitter and Linkedin.


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