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Aragon Research Positions Qstream as an Innovator in 2021 Globe for Corporate Learning

Aragon Research Positions Qstream as an Innovator in 2021 Globe for Corporate Learning (1)

Burlington, MA, October 7, 2021 – Qstream, the global leader in microlearning technology, today announced Aragon Research has positioned the company as an Innovator in its 2021 Globe for Corporate Learning for the second year in a row. Qstream brings an innovative, modernized, and science-based approach to how knowledge is delivered to a hybrid workforce that is proven to increase engagement, knowledge retention, and performance.

“Corporate learning is a critical component of professional development, employee experience, and the success of any organization. But in the era of hybrid work, it’s increasingly difficult to ensure employees are engaged when learning at work. Qstream’s innovative approach to learning—which is based on spaced repetition and testing—has shown superior levels of engagement, knowledge retention, and proficiency compared to traditional learning platforms,” said Jason Mundy, Vice President Marketing, Qstream. “We’re proud to be positioned as an Innovator again this year by Aragon Research in their 2021 Globe for Corporate Learning.”

With Qstream, scenario-based questions and bite-sized explanations deliver critical knowledge within the flow of work so learners can choose when they want to learn, which has proven to reinforce knowledge and create meaningful behavioral change. Additionally, managers receive real-time analytics on a team or individual’s learning needs and skill levels for remediation and additional coaching. Qstream is used by healthcare, life sciences, and financial services organizations and is highly suitable for frontline workers in high consequence disciplines such as food manufacturing and preparation, industrial operations, and first responders. Its use cases range from sales training to compliance and regulatory training.

“In a hybrid work environment, enterprises need to ensure that employees and customers have access to the basic and advanced learning journeys and training to help them succeed in their roles and tasks,” said Aragon Research CEO Jim Lundy. “Qstream’s focus on a just-in-time microlearning platform has excelled in healthcare and life sciences markets and is now being highly adopted in many different industries for various training programs.”

The Aragon Research 2021 Globe for Corporate Learning analyzed 18 major learning providers on their strategy, performance, and reach. For more information about Qstream, visit here.

About Aragon Research Aragon Research is an independent research and advisory firm that provides business and IT executives with the actionable insights they need to navigate technology’s ever-evolving impact on business. Headquartered in Morgan Hill, CA, Aragon Research works with executives at every major level of the business and across industries to give them the tools they need to make more informed technology and strategy decisions. Aragon delivers high-impact advisory, research, and consulting services, and has a proven team of veteran analysts. For more information, visit

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