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The launch of ChatGPT and generative AI in November 2022 changed our world. People began taking advantage of this incredible technology and pushing it to the limits of what it was capable of to not only create content, but to distill key concepts, create code and even to make scientific breakthroughs. The main benefit which became apparent, was how AI can complete tasks more efficiently. Software companies worldwide raced to release AI-enabled features on their platforms to satisfy the market’s hunger for it.

As organizations fast-tracked their AI releases, we saw the advantage of a more measured approach at Qstream. Our customers have a heightened focus on both quality and security – anything short of the high standards we’ve set would be to their detriment.

We took a step back and asked ourselves and our customers – where and how could AI benefit a Qstream user most effectively? The answer was content development. While Qstream itself has authoring tools that make it easy to design microlearning content, creating effective and thoughtful content takes time. What if we could speed up the process for our customers, allowing them to deliver high-quality content to their workforces, in a matter of minutes? Whether that’s an update to a regulation, a change to product messaging or reinforcing soft skills. Whatever the use case, our customers have an acute need for a faster way to create and deploy high quality microlearning content.

We put our heads together over the last year, working diligently to develop the best possible solution. After months of building and refining, we are proud to introduce Qstream’s AI Microlearning Content Generator, a revolutionary new way to leverage the power of AI to create microlearning questions faster than ever before. Our customers can now…

  • Create an AI-generated microlearning question in a matter of seconds by supplying phrases as well as source or reference materials
  • Efficiently repurpose existing training materials to generate microlearning questions focused on critical content
  • Edit & refine the question to meet your audiences’ needs
  • Select different question styles based on Qstream’s best practices
  • Easily generate topics, questions, correct & incorrect answers and explanation


Qstream AI goes beyond removing the barrier of creating microlearning content quickly. Our content best practices are fused into the generator, ensuring confidence in the output every time. The questions are also editable so one can customize the output to their organizations’ specific needs and requirements.

We couldn’t be prouder of Qstream’s AI feature and are confident it will help organizations curate continuous training experiences that empower employees to become active contributors of the business.

Cheers to our fantastic product and engineering teams who poured their hearts and souls into bringing Qstream AI to life and a special shout out to all the customers who provided feedback and insight along the journey. We could not have done this without you!

I will be showcasing the Qstream AI Microlearning Content Generator at Learning Technologies in London on April 17 & 18. Stop by stand F30 or attend our session in Theatre 5 on Thursday, April 18 at 10:15 am!

Not attending Learning Technologies? Sign up for our webinar, Expedite Training Delivery With Qstream’s AI Microlearning Content Generator, on April 25th at 11 AM ET, where we’ll show the full capabilities of Qstream AI and the best practices for using it.

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