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Employee engaging a remote workforce in diversity and inclusion training

Why DEI Training is Important in a Remote Work Environment

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training is just as important in the context of the expanded remote workforce, possibly even more so now. But like all remote training, DEI training faces the challenge of actively engaging learners in the exercise, getting them to fully focus on learning and being sure that they retain what you’ve asked them to learn. At a time when people demand productivity and efficiency from remote workers, DEI training means the difference between an optimal culture and one that continues to harbor counterproductive behaviors.

In a time where workforces are distant, we need to keep people connected, embracing teamwork and collaboration, to keep them productive and engaged to continue business growth through today’s uncertain times. A corporate or company culture that influences each employee’s productivity determines the mindsets of each individual, as well as their engagement with their teams and work. Your culture is arguably the most important factor in your productivity. As we continue with the transition to the digital workspace in an uncertain economic climate, it’s more important than ever to make sure your culture can facilitate longevity and growth. An effective way to promote diversity concepts and keeping knowledge top of mind for driving awareness to all employees as their working remote is by integrating learning into their day.

Delivering DEI Training with Microlearning and Knowledge Reinforcement

Microlearning is a method of education in which specific content is pushed to the learner in an easily-digestible format and accompanied by application activities that are fast and easy to complete. The Journal of Applied Psychology states that the transfer of knowledge from instruction to application is 17% more efficient when using a microlearning model for delivering the curriculum.

To effectively deliver insightful DEI solutions to your remote workforce, it’s essential to utilize a learning technology platform with the tools to engage the learner, reinforce learning, and analytics to monitor their progress. Qstream, leaders in microlearning technology has partnered with The Kaleidoscope Group, experts in full-service customized diversity and inclusion solutions to create an optimized diversity and inclusion training program for achieving measurable learning outcomes and sustainable change for remote organizations.

Long-term retention relies primarily on the practice of applying each learned concept throughout the course of the instruction. The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve predicts that the average learner will remember only about 20% of what he or she learned after 31 days. Including content that encourages on-the-job application of new concepts increases knowledge retention well past the one-month mark when combined with a microlearning model of repetition, spacing, and testing.

Difference in Impact

A diverse team is likely to have better employee engagement and a lower turnover rate, as well as a better public reputation. It’s known that organizations that see the value in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion attract top talent, experience better employee performance, have significant advantage over competition, and produce more revenue.

The difference in this training program, compared to traditional training programs, is that it is brought to combine customized DEI content with the technology to efficiently deliver and engage your remote teams in quick and easily learning activities to better their proficiency in specific DEI subjects specific to your organization. Managers have access to user-friendly analytic dashboards where they can view progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and address concerns.

Head to The Kaleidoscope Group’s website to learn more about their full service diversity and inclusion consulting and customized solutions offerings and why they’ve chosen to partner with Qstream’s microlearning technology to make DEI training more effective and engaging!

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