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Microlearning must be a fundamental integration within an organization’s employee technology ecosystem. Read below to learn why.

The Challenge With Learning Integrations

No two businesses look exactly the same. Everything from your mission, to organizational structure, to the perks and benefits you offer your workforce is uniquely yours. But as you continue to cultivate your individuality and grow in your niche, it becomes increasingly important that you have an effective learning & development strategy in place.

Doing so serves as not only a powerful differentiator for your expanding teams but also as a key contributor to your company’s long-term success. Of course, having this sort of impact is easier said than done. It takes an arsenal of specialized tools to customize L&D experiences to fit your unique business needs, as opposed to cookie cutter, full-stack solutions.

Yet, the challenge many organizations face today is that these tools don’t talk to one another. They’re unable to share critical information, automate the flow of work and contribute to employee development. Sure, in-house IT teams can manually build and maintain integrations. But these are expensive and even the most proficient IT teams likely have a backlog of requests — with L&D often on the very bottom.

Just consider the employee experience when systems are siloed. Workers must manage a list of passwords that need to be regularly reset and manually enter data into multiple systems. Additionally, they lack visibility into team and company priorities and regularly roll their eyes at yet another training course that needs to be checked off the list.

Frustrated employees are less likely to engage with the required long, tedious learning courses. As a result, what they do retain will almost always be forgotten due to the forgetting curve. Organizations invest too much time and money into their learning programs to have them produce anything less than stellar results. Yet, this is the situation for many.

So, you might be asking, how can we fix the problem? That’s the question we at Qstream asked ourselves. After discussion with our clients and industry professionals to understand the challenges associated with L&D, we got to thinking. How could we help our customers quickly gain access to pre-built integrations that would unburden IT teams, delight L&D professionals and give employees a modern and engaging learning experience?

Introducing Qstream Connect As The Solution

Qstream Connect offers seamless, powerful and secure integrations that automate business processes and infuse microlearning into employees’ everyday systems. The result is a rich and engaging learning experience that reinvigorates your existing employee tech stack.

With Qstream Connect, everybody wins.

  • By connecting all of your employee tools and meeting employees in the flow of work, L&D and training professionals will see increased engagement and proficiency across programs.
  • Employees are more compelled to participate in learning programs since learning is more efficient, engaging, relevant to their role and delivered to the systems they use every day.
  • Since integrations and automation revive the entire tech ecosystem and extend the value of learning software investments, business leaders gain visibility into how their workforce is performing now, not once the legacy systems have been migrated, to address strengths and weaknesses.
  • Freeing up IT and engineering teams enables them to focus on other priorities, like driving higher standards of compliance tracking and management, which Qstream connect can help track too.


The Qstream team is thrilled to bring this fully customizable solution to market to meet organizations’ unique business needs. We can’t wait to see the innovative things our customers will do with these capabilities.

But we aren’t the only ones excited about Qstream Connect. Here’s what Johnny Hamilton, VP, Strategic Innovation and Design at My Baseline Builder, award-winning author, and thought leader in strategic innovation, design, and workplace learning, has to say:

“Powerful new solutions like Qstream Connect allow you to integrate and automate your learning ecosystem to drive business success. When your platforms are fully integrated and designed to implement a Push-Anchor-Pull™ approach, your workers can learn, practice, and apply their new skills.

These integrations provide actionable analytics that empower you to find and fill workers’ performance gaps to build baseline proficiency levels and deliver business success.”

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