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It’s no surprise that recent data shows the biggest concern for organizations is retaining talent. In today’s labor market, employees have more options than ever before and aren’t hesitating to jump ship when employers don’t meet their needs. While perks and benefits, work-life balance and company culture are certainly at the top the list, the relationship employees have with their manager will ultimately make or break their experience at an organization. 

I think we all remember that Forbes article that was published a few years back, saying that employees don’t leave companies, they leave bosses. Three years and a pandemic later, and there is still work to be done on the manager-employee relationship front.

Managers are busier than ever, struggling to juggle employee development and simultaneously drive business results. This leaves little to no time to develop their leadership skills and offer their direct reports meaningful, career growth-oriented feedback. A Brandon Hall Group study found that only 25% of organizations say their coaching is effective or highly effective.

Microlearning, which fits the fast-paced and flexible environment of hybrid work, is perfectly suited to help strapped-for-time managers make an impact. This eBook shares key statistics around the state of managers today, as well as how microlearning analytics are being used to more efficiently and effectively coach employees and boost retention.

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