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Data on the importance of strong people leaders has been around for decades with the pandemic only further emphasizing the need for solid managers to drive employee satisfaction and retention.

COVID-19 brought employee burnout to a head and then fundamentally changed the workforce’s relationship with their jobs. While pay and benefits are still important to job seekers in 2022, intangibles like work-life balance and a collaborative and supportive culture with opportunities for growth are now non negotiables. And who is largely responsible for fostering the latter? Managers. Are managers more critical today than ever before? At Qstream, we say yes. But we aren’t the only ones.

A 2022 survey of 2,100 UK employees, found that 43% of workers have left a job because of their manager. The poll also found that more than half of those considering leaving their jobs today say that they are looking for new roles because of their manager. What’s more, 85% said that a good manager was important for their workplace happiness, and 38% said they have stayed in a job longer than they intended because of a good manager. 

So, what makes a strong manager? In addition to excellent soft skills, empathy, accountability and the like, coaching has the ability to transform the employee-manager relationship while simultaneously fostering career development. Studies show that 70% of employees that receive coaching improve their performance and relationships, become better communicators, and gain a boost in confidence. Additionally, 51% of organizations with strong coaching cultures report a higher revenue than their peers and nearly two-thirds of their employees rate themselves as highly engaged.

The challenge becomes making coaching thoughtful, targeted and actionable given the typical workload the modern manager. UK research firm Fosway Group’s latest paper shares how managers drive the employee experience and how organizations can empower them with data to drive mutually beneficial coaching conversations.

Download this paper to learn how your organization can:

  • Better support managers to be great coaches
  • Raise managers’ expectations around building capability
  • Empower managers with effective coaching skills
  • Give managers the data, analytics and insights to excel as coaches

Download Why developing managers as intelligence-led coaches is now a business imperative >


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