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We’re not even halfway through 2022 and I am thrilled to report that Qstream has already earned several prestigious awards for our microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution.

These recent accolades are a testament to the hard work the team has put in to develop a modern, digital-first workplace learning platform that is valued by learners and business leaders alike. I love any opportunity to talk about the amazing accomplishments of my team, so I think these new badges of honor warrant some bragging rights.

2022 HR Tech Awards

First, we earned Best Analytics, Measurement and Business Impact Solution in the 2022 HR Tech Awards. In its third year, the HR Tech Awards program highlights HR technology companies that serve employers and employees across the globe. According to Lighthouse Research & Advisory data, more than 5,000 providers exist across the HR technology landscape today, with more entering the space every single day. This year, the HR Tech Awards is recognizing approximately 1% of those firms for their focus on creating solutions that solve problems their customers care about. I know I speak for the entire Qstream team when I say that we are elated to be honored alongside the best of the best in the industry.

This award confirms what we already know to be true: insight into learning program performance is critical – for L&D teams, managers, leadership and even learners.  However, organizations have historically struggled to effectively measure the impact of their employee learning programs.

The vast amount of money and resources being poured into learning programs is potentially being wasted. Business leaders need real-time data on their learning systems at both the individual and organizational level to make better decisions and course correct when necessary. The old ways of merely acquiring qualitative feedback and participation rates on employee learning won’t cut it – especially not at scale.

Qstream’s microlearning solution offers engagement and proficiency data at the team, individual, topic and location level to provide actionable insights and improve outcomes for multiple personas across the organization.

  • L&D teams get insight into which topics have been mastered and which need further training
  • Executives can correlate program performance data to business outcomes and begin to view employee upskilling and reskilling as part of their strategic plan
  • Managers can have more targeted coaching conversations to develop and mentor their employees
  • And learners reap the benefits of an individualized learning experience – one that is delivered in the flow of work and makes them better at their jobs

The latter is critical in today’s competitive labor market. If your learning programs aren’t helping your employees excel, then you’ll find yourself with high turnover rates as well as struggling to attract new hires.

Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisor, said in a statement, “Our research shows that one of the critical parts of the employee experience is how, when, and what people learn at work. Qstream has taken a fresh approach to this, putting smaller, measurable learning pieces into the hands of the workforce. However, it’s backed up by powerful analytics so organizational leaders can see the impact and how it’s working. Well done.”

Training Industry’s 2022 Top Sales Training and Enablement Companies

This recognition demonstrates that we continue to excel at serving the sales enablement function, one of our key our target markets and rooted deep in our company history. when we launched back in 2008. Sales enablement was the perfect entry point for our solution since it had the power to keep technical sales processes top of mind for busy field reps.

Training Industry’s announcement reads, “Sales training programs are designed to improve a salesperson’s ability to sell, as well as a sales manager’s ability to coach and drive performance. These companies offer a breadth of sales training solutions to promote the success of employees in a variety of sales roles.”

Qstream delivers on both of these fronts. Our scientifically proven methodology offers a non-invasive method for equipping reps with the skills and information needed to drive sales without compromising productivity. The analytics generated by these microlearning challenges show sales managers skills gaps at the team and individual level. Managers become stronger leaders and employees reap the benefits of more targeted coaching and development.

EdTech Cool Tool Awards 

Most recently, Qstream was named a finalist under the corporate training solution category for the EdTech Cool Tool Awards. According to their site, “The EdTech Awards recognizes people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.”

I love the term “enrich” and think it’s a great way to describe what we do at Qstream. We aren’t only making people smarter, we are making them smarter so they can excel in their roles and advance in their careers. And, we are doing so in a way that helps them remain productive and keeps them excited about learning and contributing to the business.

We at Qstream are honored to receive each recognition and would like to congratulate all the other award winners and finalists. We look forward to continuing to help our current and future customers deploy science-backed microlearning to their employees and enriching the corporate learning experience for all. To learn more about our microlearning platform, click here.

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