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At Qstream, we truly believe that top-notch content is at the heart of any successful learning program. And when paired with our highly effective delivery method, that content is easily digested and creates measurable behavior change. 

While Qstream makes it easy to create high-quality content, we recognize that many companies are challenged to do more with less these days. We hear this frequently from the both the clients we serve and the larger market. Unless you have dedicated instructional designers or subject matter experts to assist the learning team, it’s hard to keep pace with organizational demand for fresh content. Plus, the demand for in-the-flow-of-work learning is outpaced by the speed of business.

That’s why Qstream has made enhancements to not only improve the distribution of microlearning courses but also to make creating engaging content, using our signature neuroscience-backed principles, easier than ever before. When coupled with our analytics, teams gain real insight into both learner and content performance so programs can be tailored accordingly and no time is ever wasted creating unnecessary content. Here are some of the enhancements we’ve made in recent months. 

Templates and tools for writing effective microlearning content

Our new content library offers off-the-shelf, industry-agnostic microlearning courses, including new topics such as Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Safety, Wellbeing, and others. 

Not only can you use these templates as is, but you can easily edit and customize them to fit your training needs. Most importantly, when looking to create your own unique microlearning courses, they act as a blueprint for crafting effective knowledge-based and scenario-based Qstream micro-learning questions.

Employing the same principles as our recent rebrand and product updates, the new library provides an exceptional user experience. It’s simple and easy to navigate, with the ability to search, filter and even preview the content in a desktop or mobile format.

Content authoring tools that make impactful content creation quick and easy

The rules, pace and manner of content publication have changed drastically over the last few years. That’s why our redesigned content authoring tools were built with the creator economy in mind. 

When it comes time to upload and launch your content, you’ll find the experience in our new product as easy as creating a social media post. It truly is a template for creating engaging microlearning questions using the scientific principles of Qstream.

A built-in best practice checklist and tips and tricks ensure your questions are engaging and aligned with Qstream’s best practices for creating effective microlearning content. The tool supports rich media, including images and video, and uses a fully responsive design so participants get the best experience possible, regardless of which device they use. 

All questions are stored in a library of microlearning assets, where they can be reused in future learning programs or duplicated and updated as needed for different cohorts. Once you’ve created all of your questions, you can choose from a variety of different Qstream types based on our scientifically proven algorithms – which markedly improve knowledge retention and increase knowledge proficiency – or customize your approach based on the needs of your organization and the goal of each Qstream. Some common use cases include assessing baseline knowledge, reinforcing a traditional training course and first delivery of content to improve on-the-job skills and performance with scenario-based questions.

Another recent enhancement, the configuration tool lets multiple people collaborate during the microlearning content creation process. This crowdsourcing approach encourages collaboration and efficiency in building Qstreams. By bringing together multiple minds, you can harness the collective power of teams for the best result possible. This new feature is also hugely beneficial for keeping remote teams connected.

A Services Team that provides maximum microlearning impact

Although our content authoring tools and content library make it simple and convenient for anyone to create effective Qstream microlearning content, we fully understand that some organizations need additional expertise. For that, we encourage customers to take advantage of our content design and development services.

Our team of microlearning designers are well-versed in the intricacies of knowledge-critical industries and content development as well as building high-impact microlearning courses. They offer best-in-class services designed to transform traditional long-form learning content into high-impact, engaging microlearning content. We work closely with teams to ensure that Qstream microlearning content is aligned with business objectives and designed effectively for specific audiences so maximum business impact and ROI is achieved.

We now offer the following services and will continue to add to this list to better serve our customers:

  • Custom content development
  • Review and feedback services
  • Content translations for any language
  • Personalized content workshops and writing sessions

Instructional design services are available in multiple tiers to meet your custom content needs as well as your budget. The different models let you choose how much assistance you’d like from the Qstream experts — ranging from assistance with a first deployment and “train the trainer” activities designed to support self-service usage through “full service” options in which the Qstream team augments your team to plan, design and build content throughout the year.

New this year, we have also added a virtual content development session as part of our standard onboarding process to set new customers up for immediate success. This offering was designed for authors and contributors who aspire to become masters at writing quality Qstream content that will engage learners and drive results. We had received such positive feedback from our on-site workshops, that we decided to make this service available to all new clients virtually. The two-part session consists of drafting your first Qstream question together with our Qstream Content Specialist, and based on what you’ve learned, drafting two additional Qstream questions that our Qstream content expert will then provide real-time feedback on. Your team will walk away with several microlearning questions to get you started. 

Qstream is committed to making effective content authoring as simple as possible

We understand how truly important content is to any learning program. Giving our customers the ability to create it quickly without sacrificing quality is at the top of our list and we will continue to innovate in this area. Stay tuned for more exciting enhancements!

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