Channel Engagement

Gain mindshare to avoid losing marketshare.

Considering channel reps’ autonomy, you need to know if they’re clearly aligned on your value proposition. Do they have it down and are they conveying it effectively? More important, are you preparing each channel partner to bring your brand into the conversation – without eating up their time?

With Qstream, you can collaborate more closely with channel partners and know they’re ready to put your product in front of buyers. Because our proven process gets reps and partners only the most critical information, they’re more likely to absorb your messaging and share it with confidence. You’re more likely to earn their mindshare and see more deals.

Qstream Benefits

Get everyone on the same page 

No matter where your channel partners are, Qstream delivers the same sales knowledge and information to all. So every broker, agent, reseller, distributor or software vendor is speaking the same language about your product to your prospects.

Ensure channel productivity

Qstream is designed to deliver quality, not quantity, in the form of 2 to 3 scenarios every few days. This methodology is scientifically proven to drive sales and product messaging mastery – with significant progress achieved in weeks, not months or years. There’s no better way to ensure your channel sales force is ramped up and ready to go without disrupting their day.

Measure sales proficiency

You already see the financial results of your channel partners’ efforts. With Qstream, you can also see ahead of the curve, tracking whether your partners have the sales capabilities to succeed before a sales program begins. See who’s nailing your message, and deliver follow-up content to those who need a hand.

Gain mindshare

Capturing the mindshare and loyalty of your most productive partners is more challenging – and  critical – than ever. Doing this requires you to differentiate your channel programs in new ways,  transitioning from outdated content-publishing models to more effective sales-process facilitation. By helping partners develop competencies and business savvy around your solutions, you can impact both the number of opportunities registered and overall close rates.