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Qstream’s microlearning technology reinforces key leadership development concepts from recently published book Success Mindsets

Burlington, MA, February 25, 2020Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D., is a well-known mental success coach, leadership consultant, university professor and researcher. He is also the author of the new book, Success Mindsets: The Key to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work, & Leadership, and is using Qstream’s microlearning technology to power his Digital Mindset Coach (DMC) offering. After purchasing Dr. Gottfredson’s book, ebook, or audiobook, readers get the opportunity to be enrolled in Qstream to engage in learning exercises designed to improve their long-term knowledge retention while fostering enhanced metacognition and self-awareness. The Digital Mindset Coach showcases a new and continuous learning application for other authors of leadership and self-help books allowing readers to recall important concepts they read.

Qstream works by pushing short, easy to comprehend, contextual learning content through a mobile microlearning application that engages learners. Applying scenario-based Q&A challenges builds critical thinking skills by delivering and reinforcing content in the way the brain learns for long term retention through repetition, spacing, and testing. This scientifically proven learning method results in an increase of knowledge retention by up to 170%.

According to Dr. Gottfredson, data from a pilot of the DMC with more than 100 participants showed a 95% engagement rate. Here are some of the comments from participants of the microlearning program on leadership development:

“This is very easy to do and follow. I enjoy receiving and answering the questions. I like that the explanations are written to teach the participant, whether or not the participant gets the right answer.” Maricela McKenzie

“I like the format of the questions. It’s very user-friendly. It is great to have the explanations remain so simple – easy to digest.” Lori Namazi

“Throughout my career, I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it is for leaders to not only retain leadership develop information, but to put it into practice,” said Dr. Gottfredson. “The Digital Mindset Coach we’ve created using Qstream is a ground-breaking method for tapping into the neuroscience behind mindset shifts for both personal and leadership development. It helps people routinely activate and strengthen their positive mindset neural connections, allowing them to process and navigate their worlds in much more positive and effective ways.”

“Dr. Gottfredson’s visionary application of Qstream’s microlearning technology is going to help transform the ability of leaders across all organizations to more effectively embrace and apply new concepts,” said Qstream’s CEO, Rich Lanchantin. “We’re excited that Dr. Gottfredson is using Qstream’s scientifically-proven microlearning application to support the long-term knowledge retention for readers of the Digital Mindset Coach.”

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