Message Alignment

The right message is the only difference
between you and the competition.

Incremental changes to sales enablement tactics are no longer good enough. Launching a growth initiative, such as the introduction of a new product or managing a competitive threat, requires a sales force at the height of preparation – otherwise, you risk losing market share.

Qstream has you covered. We help sales reps deliver immediate market impact by focusing only on your highest-value messages, and giving you the insights to make sure your sales reps have it down cold.

And because Qstream is instantly scalable, your entire sales force – inside sales, field reps, frontline sales managers, channel partners – is ready to deliver clear, consistent messages – achieving revenue growth in the process.

Qstream Benefits

Eliminate information overload

Engaging Qstream content, including video and rich media, reinforces only the most relevant key selling points. Your sales force gets well-versed on market need and competitive differentiation in just minutes a day and, with our science-based methodology, retains information longer. 

Skip the bagels and muffins 

Preparing your sales organization with Qstream reduces the pressure that comes with multi-day “death by PowerPoint” sessions. Instead of over-relying on ballroom events – and getting all your reps to one location – use Qstream to get reps ready for launch, no matter where they are. Qstream helps ensure that reps master new messaging both during and after the meeting.

Go beyond  “speeds and feeds”

A data sheet has its purpose, but complicated techs and specs listings aren’t enough for sellers to engage educated buyers. Qstream prepares your sales force to get beyond product basics, focusing instead on value-added conversations that drive buying decisions.

Don’t stop there

Once your sales force is solid on the most essential core messaging, Qstream challenges can be used to quickly build out other competencies to master any sales engagement. Reps will be well ready to handle basic objections, respond to FAQs, introduce other opportunities – and close the deal.