Microlearning Leader Qstream Celebrates 50 Million Questions Answered by Corporate Learners

17th October 2019

Spaced learning and knowledge reinforcement software pioneer improves learner proficiency by an average 17%


Burlington, MA, October 17, 2019Qstream, makers of enterprise-grade mobile microlearning software that reinforces training content and drives behavior change, today announced that corporate learners have answered more than 50 million questions on Qstream’s spaced learning and reinforcement platform. Today, learners are answering more than 100,000 questions per week. Job-critical questions delivered by Qstream’s spaced learning methodology and delivery experience is resulting in 93% average engagement  and an average 17% proficiency increase which enables learners to master job-critical knowledge.

Qstream’s mobile microlearning app reinforces job relevant information and skills for sales, customer service, operations, and leadership teams by presenting scenario-based challenges, or questions, in the way the brain learns to drive long-term knowledge retention and behavior change across the workforce. Qstream was an early pioneer of spaced learning and knowledge reinforcement software.  Proven by science to increase knowledge retention up to 170% in corporate enterprise to impact learning and business outcomes, the spacing and testing effect is core to effective knowledge delivery, retrieval and recall.

“It is quite a rewarding milestone to know that Qstream has facilitated more than 50 million learning opportunities in which job-critical knowledge and skills are reinforced to help learners be better at what they do,” added Rich Lanchantin, Chief Executive Officer of Qstream. “Every day that a learner responds to Qstream scenario-based questions, is a day they are improving their productivity and performance at work, which is vital to sales and corporate success.”

The data points gathered from learner engagement and responses means that Qstream identifies knowledge gaps for business and learning leaders to understand where employees need more support and coaching to master job-critical skills. Each Qstream scenario, or question, can be answered and explained in just minutes per day, all within the daily workflow, to be respectful of limited learning time and to minimize time off the field.

“The Qstream methodology was conceived within the walls of Harvard Medical School’s Center for Educational Technology in 2006, and has been improving the process of learning retention ever since,” said Qstream Co-Founder and spaced education pioneer Dr. Price Kerfoot. “Qstream’s scientifically proven solution harnesses the robust power of two research findings from cognitive psychology theories — the spacing and testing effects — to markedly increase the acquisition and retention of knowledge and to generate meaningful behavior change.”

About Qstream

Developed at Harvard Medical School, Qstream is the only microlearning platform scientifically proven to quantifiably enhance job proficiency. Unlike traditional corporate training programs, the Qstream app delivers scenario-based, precision learning (Qstreams) in just minutes a day, and within the daily flow of work. Knowledge-intensive industries including life sciences, healthcare, financial services, and technology use Qstream to improve recall of critical information and identify individual proficiencies so managers know who, what and when to coach. With hundreds of customers and thousands of participants globally, including Capital One, Pfizer, and Autodesk, Qstream is trusted to build teams that excel. To learn more, visit Qstream.com, and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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