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Microlearning Leader Qstream Celebrates Industry High 90%+ Participant Engagement for 10 Consecutive Years

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Microlearning is Only Effective When Participants are Engaged; Qstream’s Science-based Approach Delivers Proven Proficiency Gains


Burlington, MA, February 25, 2019Qstream, makers of software that uses science, data, and mobile technology to prompt meaningful behavior change, today announced record participant engagement of at least 90% on average over the course of the past decade. Qstream’s scientifically proven microlearning solution relies on scenario-based challenges to create long-term knowledge retention and behavior change. Qstream’s unique solution identifies knowledge and skills gaps to know where each participant needs more support, while remaining respectful of a participant’s time, as each Qstream can be completed in just minutes per day, all within the daily flow of work. The Qstream approach delivers a superior participant experience that translates to high engagement rates over time.

Some representative participant engagement numbers include:

  • illy caffè – 100 percent engagement
  • Philips Healthcare – 99 percent engagement
  • TDS Telecom – 97 percent engagement
  • Euler Hermes – 96 percent engagement
  • SDL – 95 percent engagement

“High participant engagement is one of the hallmarks of successful learning,” said Bridget Jay, Qstream Vice President of Client Services. “After all, busy professionals aren’t going to invest valuable time in a learning experience that isn’t enjoyable, efficient and effective at creating meaningful proficiency improvement that lasts over the long term. Proficiency is quickly becoming recognized as the new currency of ROI, and Qstream is proud of our industry leading participant engagement figures that deliver the kind of deep knowledge retention today’s modern enterprise demands.”

See what some of Qstream’s customers are saying:

  • “Our reps find the scenario-based challenges delivered through their mobile devices very convenient, which is why engagement levels are so high. In addition, sales managers like Qstream because it instantly and consistently identifies knowledge gaps that help to make their coaching more efficient and effective.” – Kunter Kutluay, CEO, TAM Faktoring
  • “The engagement and feedback of our team, as well as the Qstream analytics, have shown this to be an effective method of building high-performance teams. Our staff embraced the convenience of Qstream, and there was a general sense of camaraderie and friendly competition among individuals and departments. Our most seasoned associates found value in the way information was presented through the Qstream solution. It was a fun and flexible way to maximize staff knowledge essential to the customer experience.” – Mark Romano, Senior Director of Education, Quality & Sustainability, illy caffè North America
  • “The fact that we achieved such high engagement with Qstream is a testament to how much our reps enjoyed the challenges and the friendly competition fueled by leader boards. In fact, reps would often ask me when the next challenge was starting. This impressive engagement level led to equally impressive gains in product proficiency, enabling our reps to have more compelling conversations with sophisticated B2B buyers. Qstream also positively impacted our managers, who found the graphical dashboards an easy and efficient way to identify and address knowledge gaps among teams and individual reps, saving them some much-valued time during a tremendously busy time for our company.” – Heidi Tuftee, sales leadership coach and sales enablement manager, TDS

Microlearning is only effective when participants are engaged…no engagement means no learning.  Read more about Qstream’s stellar engagement….

About Qstream Qstream is the leading enterprise microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution proven by science and in practice to boost learner performance. Hundreds of organizations rely on Qstream to build high-performance teams by delivering a personalized and agile learning experience that delivers the highest levels of retention, engagement, and efficiency along with analytics that provide precision insights and expose a real-time view of performance readiness.

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