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Mid adult African American mental health professional talks with a female patient about the patient's prescription medication.


Qstream’s Best Practice Microlearning Platform Provides an Innovative and Cost Effective Solution to Healthcare Provider’s Continuous Education Needs


BURLINGTON, Mass. – October 22, 2018 – Qstream, makers of software that uses science, data, and mobile technology to prompt meaningful behavior change, today announced Virginia-based Winchester Medical Center as the latest customer in its fast growing healthcare roster to report significant financial return on their 2018 investment. Winchester Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is leveraging the Qstream best practice microlearning platform with its team of 150 critical care nurses to help achieve safe, high quality patient care — effectively and affordably. With the Qstream solution, Winchester Medical Center is able to measurably save thousands of dollars annually on their critical care learning investment.


Faced with staffing shortages and budget restrictions, it was not viable for Winchester Medical Center to offer off-shift educational options to its already busy nursing staff. Traditional Learning Management System approaches put additional work-life balance hardships on the staff as well as financial strain on the hospital. Qstream’s innovative microlearning approach completely eliminated the ICU’s need for education reimbursement and allowed nurses to complete all their education during normal working hours.


“The ability to continuously educate nurses and maintain the highest quality care for our patients while simultaneously adhering to budget and staffing constrains in the current ICU nursing climate was a daily battle for us,” said Bethann Mendez, Winchester Medical Center’s Director of Critical Care. “Qstream helps our nurses bridge knowledge gaps in just minutes a day, and all during their shifts. We’ve seen significant user engagement and financial return from our use of Qstream. In fact, Qstream has more than paid for itself during its first year of inception, and we look forward to expanding our use of the solution in the coming year.”


“Hospitals and health systems grapple with delivering continuous learning to their staff in a way that fits into their work schedules and doesn’t interfere with the team’s ability to do job one: take care of patients,” said Qstream CEO Rich Lanchantin. “Qstream’s microlearning platform eliminates the barriers found in traditional learning approaches without further imposing on a nurse’s schedule, particularly given today’s talent shortage, or putting undue expense on the organization. We are delighted Qstream is helping to keep the nursing ICU team at Winchester Medical Center current on the latest healthcare advancements and best able to deliver the care their patients deserve.”


Used by top medical centers and healthcare leaders around the globe, Qstream is scientifically proven in more than 20 clinical trials to increase knowledge retention by up to 170% and durably change clinical practice patterns to improve patient outcomes. Studies show clinicians prefer Qstream 3:1 over alternative methods of knowledge reinforcement.


For additional information on how Qstream is providing an innovative solution to Winchester Medical Center ICU’s professional development, please see the accompanying blog post and webcast.

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