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Burlington, MA, April 20, 2021 — Qstream, a global leader in microlearning solutions, and My Baseline Builder, an award-winning learning and development consulting group with expertise in designing and delivering capability building solutions, are partnering to offer an innovative solution for upskilling and reskilling frontline employees.

Together, Qstream and My Baseline Builder deliver an advanced skill-building offering that leverages Qstream’s software and the expertise and solution framework of My Baseline Builder. This unique partnership brings together a solution that rapidly builds the skills and capabilities of organizations and positions teams for success.

“Traditional learning systems aren’t engaging enough to build the skills needed by businesses today, and they don’t provide the analytics that measure skills and proficiency,” said Rich Lanchantin, Qstream CEO. “This partnership will provide L&D leaders with transformative changes to traditional learning. Qstream’s leading microlearning solution and My Baseline Builder’s innovative consulting practices forge an engaging way to deliver capabilities in a way that people will retain and apply in relevant job situations.”

“My Baseline Builder isn’t just about providing content, our team is focused on performance, growth and capability improvement to meet the changing needs of organizations,” explains Chris Casement, COO, My Baseline Builder. “People are overloaded with content, and the organizations we work with are looking for innovative solutions that L&D teams can use to address real and pressing business problems through upskilling and reskilling.”

How will Qstream and My Baseline Builder partner?

The strength of this partnership lies in leveraging My Baseline Builder’s four-step consulting and capability building framework and the Qstream solution that pushes short, easy to comprehend, contextual learning content through its engaging microlearning application. This dynamic partnership will supercharge skill building content and rapidly increase your businesses performance and results.

Qstream’s partnership with My Baseline Builder brings skill-building solutions to the broader organization using My Baseline Builder’s four-step capability building framework:

  • Assess Capability – Gain a deep understanding of what skills will take your business to the next level
  • Build Skills – Upskill your workforce with actionable knowledge using Push, Anchor, Pull ™
  • Understand Performance – Interpret meaningful data about your organization’s capabilities using Qstream’s analytics engine to measure what matters
  • Reinforce Success – Equip managers to coach for success with customized learning pathways

Engaging content is delivered to frontline workers in short burst of learning that builds capabilities and drives business success forward using a Push, Anchor, Pull approach.

  • Push a few questions out every day via Qstream to build and validate workers’ knowledge
  • Anchor workers’ knowledge with personalized data, insights and targeted coaching as they practice new skills
  • Pull resources within the flow of work to sharpen skills and build capabilities

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