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Qstream achieves 95% engagement by educating and reinforcing key facts about fast-changing COVID-19 topics to improve situational awareness, keeping employees safe and healthy during the outbreak.

Boston, MA, April 28, 2020 – Qstream, makers of mobile microlearning software that educates and reinforces knowledge to improve proficiency and performance, today announced that its employees achieved a 38% proficiency gain about topics related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The COVID-19 Know the Facts Microlearning Program, written by Qstream Co-Founder, Dr. Price Kerfoot, is based on available information from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization). With employees from its Boston, Massachusetts, and Dublin, Ireland offices transitioning to remote learning, Qstream’s HR and leadership teams used Dr. Kerfoot’s microlearning course to engage, communicate, and inform employees with accessible and critical information about the pandemic.

Dr. Kerfoot’s course is available for Qstream customers on the Qstream Content Hub along with an additional COVID-19 course focused on the needs of healthcare workers.

Qstream works by pushing short, easy to understand, contextual learning content through a mobile microlearning application. Information is delivered in the flow of people’s day, making it easier to engage, learn, and remember. This is done using scientifically proven spaced learning and repetition methods, allowing learners to recall the information over time. Then, learning is activated by applying scenario-based Q&A challenges to allow learners to build situational awareness and critical thinking skills, resulting in long-term knowledge retention and behavior change.

The goal of this microlearning program was to educate Qstream employees on time-sensitive information related to COVID-19 in a timely manner while boosting employee knowledge and prevention awareness during the outbreak. The Qstream microlearning program provided 12 questions that were broken up into four main categories: travel, symptoms, transmission, and prevention. “Over the course of the four-week microlearning program, our goal was to keep Qstream employees up to date on the most important information regarding COVID-19 and keep them safe and healthy,” said Ali McGinley, Director of Human Resources at Qstream.

“I’m proud that Qstream is helping our own employees and customers improve their knowledge and reinforce the important policies and critical information related to the pandemic which is vital to their health and safety during this time,” added Rich Lanchantin, Chief Executive Officer of Qstream.

Before the Qstream COVID-19 Know the Facts Microlearning Program, the success metrics were to have at least 90% engagement, 80% completion, and 16% proficiency increase. Following the program, Qstream surpassed all of these goals and achieved:

  • 95% engagement
  • 86% completion
  • 62.6% initial proficiency –> 86.6% final proficiency
  • 38% proficiency increase

The COVID-19 Know the Facts Microlearning Program was shared with all Qstream customers to deploy to their distributed workforce. This microlearning course gives us and our customers a way to educate and reinforce this important, time-sensitive, and fast-changing information.

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