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Qstream Wins 2021 Aragon Research Innovation Award for Sales Coaching & Learning

Aragon Research Innovation Award for Sales Coaching & Learning

Burlington, MA, December 2, 2021 – Qstream, the global leader in microlearning technology, today announced it has been named a winner of the 2021 Aragon Research Innovation Award for Sales Coaching & Learning. For over a decade, Qstream’s cutting-edge approach to learning and knowledge reinforcement has improved sales performance for thousands of reps across a range of businesses and industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and financial services.

Aragon’s Innovation Award recognizes providers leveraging visionary use of technology to not only adapt as markets change, but to actively disrupt and inform how their markets will evolve. This award recognizes Qstream’s innovative and modern approach to how knowledge is delivered to a hybrid workforce, an approach that is proven to increase employee learning proficiency, knowledge retention and engagement. Organizations use Qstream to onboard sales reps and provide them with the sales skills, product knowledge and compliance training they need to meet targets and business goals.

“As a sales leader myself, I know that sales reps must have the right knowledge and skills to close deals. Qstream provides reps, including our own, with the product information, message alignment, sales skills and compliance training that they need to meet their targets. Qstream also allows me as a sales leader to truly measure reps’ proficiency levels so I can understand who needs additional coaching,” said Bret Kramer, VP of Sales and Customer Success, Qstream. “We’re extremely proud to be recognized by Aragon for our pioneering work in innovating how sales professionals learn both through this award and in the 2021 Aragon Globe for Sales Coaching and Learning.”

With Qstream, bite-sized explanations and scenario-based questions deliver critical knowledge within the flow of work so sales reps can learn on their own time, which has proven to reinforce knowledge, improve proficiency and create meaningful behavioral change. Additionally, sales managers receive real-time analytics on a team or individual’s learning needs and skill levels so they understand where additional learning and coaching may be needed.

“Learning must be an engaging experience for sales reps, who thrive in fast-paced environments,” said Aragon Research CEO Jim Lundy. “Qstream has demonstrated that through its unique learning methodology, learners recall information sooner than traditional methods. This is essential for sales reps who need critical product knowledge and selling skills to meet their targets.”

Qstream was formally presented with the award on Dec. 2 at Aragon Transform, the annual Aragon Research awards ceremony which was held virtually this year. The identification of an Aragon Research award winner is not an endorsement by Aragon Research of any vendor, product or service. For more information about Qstream, visit here.

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