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Qstream Wins Chief Learning Officer’s Learning in Practice Award for Technology Innovation

CLO Learning in Practice Awwards

Burlington, MA, October 28, 2021 – Qstream, the global leader in microlearning technology, has been honored with the silver Chief Learning Officer’s (CLO) Learning in Practice Award for Excellence in Technology Innovation. Qstream was recognized for its pioneering microlearning platform, which takes a modern, scientific approach to how knowledge is delivered to a distributed workforce, and for its customer Providence’s demonstrated results using the platform.

Since 2003, the CLO Learning in Practice Awards have recognized learning leaders who demonstrate excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs through a combination of qualities such as leadership, vision, business acumen, and strategic alignment. In addition, the Excellence in Technology Innovation award category recognizes providers that have rolled out an innovative learning technology for a client.

Learning is a critical component of professional development, employee experience, and the success of any organization. Qstream’s microlearning platform, which delivers knowledge through scenario-based testing and spaced repetition, increases engagement, knowledge retention, and proficiency compared to traditional learning models. It also empowers business managers with powerful real-time analytics on employees’ learning needs and skill levels to know where additional coaching may be needed.

Providence is one of many organizations that has adopted Qstream to deliver engaging learning and training programs to its distributed workforce and has seen drastic improvements in how that learning is retained and how skills and behaviors are applied appropriately on the job.

“My vision of learning and development for Providence is to engage, empower, and inspire our caregivers so that they can grow into their purpose and calling,” said Darci Hall, VP and Chief Learning Officer, Providence. “Our check-the-box approach to learning was clearly not meeting this vision, which is why we started with Qstream two years ago. Qstream enables us to personalize learning—including very complex healthcare compliance training—for our distributed workforce, so each caregiver can learn anytime, anywhere, and deliver better patient outcomes. After completing even our first enterprise launch of Qstream, we increased learner engagement and satisfaction, confirmed proficiency increases through real-time analytics, and slashed implementation costs by over $6 million in our first course alone.”

“We’re honored to be recognized for our microlearning technology innovation and work with Providence in this year’s CLO Learning in Practice Award,” said Jason Mundy, Vice President, Marketing, Qstream. “We couldn’t do it without the hard work and cutting-edge ideas from our team here at Qstream or our customers across a variety of industries who are equally committed to making learning more effective for all.”

Winners were announced at the 2021 CLO Learning in Practice Awards Ceremony on Oct. 13. For more information about Qstream, visit here.

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