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In this eBook, Brandon Hall Group explains not only the importance of compliance training but also how to develop a strategy that effectively develops your workforce, mitigates risk, meets regulatory requirements and drives business outcomes.


Effective sales enablement is only possible if it builds rep proficiency, productivity and performance.  Find out how Qstream can help.

Continuously improve sales performance

Microlearning that is scientifically proven to increase sales proficiency and change sales behaviors in minutes a day.

Sales Skills Training

The missing link between sales performance and sales productivity is proficiency – we call these the 3 Ps of sales.  How do you know sales reps have the right knowledge and skills to perform at their best and close deals? Measuring sales proficiency against the skills needed to be a successful sales person not only helps you identify where each rep needs extra support, it streamlines and improves sales coaching effectiveness by arming managers with the intel to focus on who, what and when to coach.

  • Train and coach against sales skills such as discovery, negotiation, and close
  • Adopt new sales skills and methodologies
  • Develop skills within the daily flow of work

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Sales Onboarding

An effective sales onboarding program can be the difference between a company’s success and failure, but getting it right isn’t straightforward. The average ramp-up time of a “successful” enterprise salesperson is approximately 11 months, and even then, true sales success is achieved only 55% of the time. As Bob Kelly from the Sales Management Association says “it’s just about the same chances of flipping a coin”.

  • Reduce sales rep ramp up time with effective knowledge reinforcement
  • Improve time to productivity for new reps to help them close deals sooner
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and skills early and provide support where it is needed most
  • Measure effectiveness of sales onboarding programs
  • Provide sales managers with coaching recommendations from day one

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Sales Process & Methodology

Every sales organization has a unique sales process and some adopt sales methodologies from leading sales training and consultants. For these to work, they need to be understood and applied consistently across the whole sales organization.  But how can sales leaders and sales enablement managers know what reps do and don’t know about the process and whether they are applying the methodology and associated skills in the field?

  • Reinforce sales process steps including entry and exit criteria for sales stages
  • Present scenarios that help reps think about and apply sales techniques
  • Reinforce knowledge and demonstrate understanding of new sales methodologies or sales process changes

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Product Knowledge

Every sales person needs to be intimately familiar with the products and services they are positioning to prospects and customers. In complex, knowledge-intensive and highly competitive markets, product knowledge takes time to build and practice to position products and services to meet specific customers needs and create buying intent.

  • Improve product knowledge retention up to 170% from first presentation
  • Identify gaps in product knowledge for each sales person to know where to focus further coaching and training
  • Engage sales reps in new product training and reinforcement
  • Test application of product knowledge in the field through scenario based challenges and video scenarios

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Message Alignment

Aligning sales messages, corporate and product messages can be an art form when it comes to applying messages consistently from an organization perspective, but also situationally relevant in the context of the sales conversation.

  • Develop consistent delivery of sales, corporate and product messages in different scenarios
  • Enable sales reps to record and get feedback on video scenarios that mimic situations in the field
  • Understand which reps have grasped sales messages and who needs more coaching

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Sales Compliance

Selling in heavily regulated industries requires acute knowledge, and often certification, of the regulation itself and supporting compliance processes.  The costs of not selling compliantly can be high. Take pharma, medical device and financial services sales – the risks of not selling compliantly can be high with heavy financial penalities, loss of trust and customers, or directly effecting the financial and physical health of customers or patients.

  • Support certification by reinforcing key concepts and measuring knowledge and proficiency to know where there are gaps
  • Understand is sales reps can apply regulatory knowledge and compliance processes in the field through scenario based challenges
  • Reinforce compliance process changes and test understanding of newly introduced procedures

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