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Sales effectiveness
at the speed of change

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Sales Onboarding

Sales forces that are effective in getting new salespeople up to speed efficiently enjoy surprising productivity advantages over their peers. Qstream helps to streamline the onboarding process with reinforcement, coaching and data that speeds time to success without needing to correct or modify poor behaviors later.

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Message Alignment

Each new innovation or market change requires your salespeople to stay razor-sharp on the conversations they’re prepared to have with buyers. With Qstream, market leaders ensure that critical product, industry, competitive and regulatory messaging is always succinct and consistent across the sales force.

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Sales Process

Responding to market or company change often means enacting change across the sales organization, too. But simply understanding a new process doesn’t translate into daily use. Old habits die hard and salespeople are busy. Qstream helps make your new sales process or methodology stick by keeping managers and reps continuously involved and engaged.

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Sales Coaching

Sales managers rank coaching as the #1 most important activity based on impact to revenue. Yet they do very little of it. Most front-line managers don’t have the time, skills, data or tools to coach their teams effectively. Qstream’s complete data-driven approach, including video observations, helps your time-pressed managers know who, what and how to coach.

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Getting a sales force to comply with internal systems and industry regulations is tough but vital – not doing so can subject your company to hefty fines and lost marketshare. Qstream mitigates that risk by reinforcing the information, interactions and behaviors that ensure compliance – and the data-driven insight you need to be sure.

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Channel Engagement

Your channel partners are located far and wide – and spread thin – so winning their mindshare and keeping them on-point is your greatest challenge. Qstream sets your channel program apart through innovation that builds loyalty and ensures channel reps have the knowledge to be successful with your products.

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