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Improve employee proficiency
at the speed of change with best practice microlearning

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How it works

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is broken.  To be effective, programs need to be adaptive and personalized without disrupting selling time. Support sales reps and managers to meet their number, faster.

  • Sales onboarding
  • Sales process change
  • Product and pricing
  • Competition
  • Objection handling
  • Positioning and message alignment
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Employees who are ramped up effectively perform better, are engaged and make a faster contribution to organizational goals. Invest in your most valuable asset.

  • Identify early warning signs
  • Provide personalized coaching from the start
  • Measure onboarding training investments
  • Adapt onboarding programs
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Training Reinforcement

With 79% of new information forgotten in as little at 30 days,  it’s no wonder that learning, development and training leaders struggle to see ROI on training investments.

  • Measure training investments through proficiency metrics
  • Mobile microlearning and microcoaching saves time and cost
  • Inform future training and development programs
  • Average 17% job proficiency improvement
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Talent Development

In an age of automation, people still get the job done.  Nurture your employees by taking a fresh approach to talent development with Qstream.

  • Measure talent development effectiveness
  • Reskill or upskill teams
  • Leadership and intern program support
  • Scale for diverse individuals, geographies and job functions
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Product Knowledge

Each new innovation or product update requires employees to quickly become experts on new offerings or tools, while adapting the message to be succinct and relevant in any situation.

  • Product launch or positioning
  • Competitor objections
  • Market and customer trends
  • Compliant messaging
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Regulatory Compliance

Getting a workforce to comply with internal systems and industry regulations is tough but vital. Not doing so can mean hefty fines and loss of trust. Qstream:

  • Gets employees up to speed on latest regulation
  • Measures compliance training
  • Addresses gaps in understanding and process
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Field Training

Training costs for field employees can be significant given they are often working remotely.  Plus, without direct supervision from their manager or team, keeping field teams engaged and up to date is a challenge.

  • Continuous, mobile-first field training
  • Measurable insights into knowledge and skills gaps
  • Engage remote workers with peer-to-peer features
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Process Change

Responding to market or customer change often requires process change. But, simply understanding a new process doesn’t translate into daily use. Old habits die hard and people are busy.

  • Make your new process or methodology stick
  • Continuous reinforcement and personalized coaching
  • Durably change behaviors
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