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In this eBook, Brandon Hall Group explains not only the importance of compliance training but also how to develop a strategy that effectively develops your workforce, mitigates risk, meets regulatory requirements and drives business outcomes.


Transform Learning to Change Behaviors and Drive Outcomes

Engage Learners  |  Reinforce Knowledge  |   Analyze Performance

Make Learning Stick

Learning professionals are expending massive effort into creating training content that is engaging and comprehensive. Yet, efforts can be wasted when learners are known to forget 90% of training content within 3 months.

Building knowledge reinforcement into your training plans ensures that at the moment of truth when learners need to apply what they’ve learned,  they can recall knowledge and tap into the behaviors they’ve been taught. 

Established in 2008, Qstream is a microlearning pioneer with a commitment to designing and delivering corporate learning programs in the brain works. We believe that if learning sticks, the workforce will always be performance ready and can make a measurable contribution to organizational success.

  • Combats the forgetting curve
  • Proven by 22 randomized, peer-reviewed clinical trials
  • Improves long-term knowledge retention up to 170%
  • Boosts learner proficiency by 17% on average

How Qstream is Used

Engage Learners in the Experience

Engaging learners is critical to their success and your business outcomes. Quite simply, learning programs that get and keep attention are a core success factor of any learning and development program.

By pushing business-critical content that matters most to them, and to your organization, through a mobile microlearning experience, learners are able to engage with learning at a time that suits them, in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

Regular, easily digestible learning fosters a culture of continuous learning that learners engage from start to finish to sustain learning habits and help learners perform at their best

  • Reaches 93% learner engagement levels year after year
  • Pushes business-critical content in the flow of work in minutes-a-day
  • Delivers learners in an easy-to-use mobile-first learning experience
  • Facilitates real-time learner feedback and peer interaction
  • Engages learners with game-mechanics to motivate individuals and teams to top the leaderboard
  • Links learning to business outcomes with job-specific scenarios

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Reinforce Job-Critical Knowledge

Qstream disrupts the forgetting curve, ensuring that learning is delivered in the way the brain works to sustain training and development. Post-training reinforcement is key to learning retention.  Learning sticks when we are challenged to remember the training content, when it’s contextual in the workplace, and when it’s repeated over time.

Qstream’s scientifically-proven learning delivery algorithm and microlearning technology improves knowledge retention by up to 170%.

The bottom line? Training reinforcement is a no brainer if you want to protect training investments and measurably improve performance.

  • Scientifically-proven learning algorithm pushes scenario-based Q&A micro-challenges
  • Strengthens long-term memory by using spaced repetition to sustain job-specific content
  • Consolidates learning with built-in testing and retrieval practice to strengthen brain muscle memory
  • Includes micro-explanations to further reinforce learning content
  • Uncovers proficiency gaps for real-time, continuous learner feedback 
  • Sets a standard of performance via Qcert micro-certification
  • Empowers frontline managers to coach weak spots objectively and precisely

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Measure Performance Outcomes and Learning ROI

Each year companies spend billions on corporate learning to improve productivity and performance. But, there’s a problem.  79% of new information is forgotten in as little as 31 days. This is known as the “forgetting curve”.

If learning is not retained, your training investments are wasted and your business performance is at risk. That’s why Qstream has invested millions in research to develop a scientifically-proven learning delivery algorithm that combats the forgetting curve to sustain learning, boost learner performance, and drive outcomes and ROI.

  • Measures training ROI by correlating proficiency of learning topics to performance data
  • Provides a diagnostic of knowledge gaps for precision coaching or retraining via proficiency heatmaps
  • Identifies weak spots and topics for future training programs at the individual, team, or cohort level
  • Helps training managers understand the efficacy of training to fine-tune content and design

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Learning Retention at Scale

Scaling corporate learning programs can be costly and take months, or even years, to implement the supporting learning technology. Qstream delivers learning retention at scale for the world’s largest companies that operate in highly regulated, competitive or knowledge-intensive and complex industries.

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Qstream Learning Retention at Scale