Continuously Impact Organizational Goals

The only microlearning solution scientifically proven to change employee behaviors in minutes a day and measure the return on learning and development investments.

Proven by Science

The only scientifically proven microlearning solution that measurably changes behavior.

  • Co-founder Dr. B. Price Kerfoot is a pioneer in spaced education and is the brains behind Qstream’s science
  • Validated by more than 20 randomized, peer-reviewed clinical trials
  • Up to 170% improvement in knowledge recall
  • Average 17% proficiency gains
  • Average 93% engagement by employees

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Validated by the Market

Established in 2008, Qstream is the microlearning solution of choice for over 400 customers in knowledge-intensive industries and highly regulated markets.

  • 14 of the top 15 global pharmas
  • 100+ healthcare providers and medical educators
  • 7 of the top 10 medical device and bio-tech companies
  • And many more customers in tech, financial services, retail, F&B, oil & gas, consumer goods and other industries
  • Extensive network of 70+ partners around the globe

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Actionable Insights

No other microlearning provider has the breadth and depth of real-time proficiency and engagement insights that provide a leading indicator of individual, team and group performance.

  • Benchmark employee knowledge via leaderboards and peer responses
  • Identify knowledge and skill gaps for real-time remedial action
  • Streamline coaching with manager recommendations on who, what and when to coach
  • Inform future training needs with proficiency heatmaps that identify gaps in individual, team and group level.
  • Understand the efficacy of training programs and adapt training content
  • Identify future performance risks by correlating proficiency and engagement  analytics with CRM or performance data


Minutes a Day

Qstream understands that people are busy and there is less and less time to spend on learning and development. Professionals and managers can continually improve knowledge and develop skills without taking much time out of their schedules.

  • Bite-sized, challenge-based scenarios durably change behavior in just minutes a day
  • Spend minutes, not hours, on video practice and review with time-bound video scenarios
  • Visualization of data points via dashboards and heatmaps streamline coaching and analysis of programs

Engage Employees

Qstream knows that an engaged learner is more likely to make a greater contribution to organizational success. With this in mind, Qstream works off best practice microlearning principles to deliver an immersive learning experience, that is to easy to use and access anytime and anywhere. The result? A staggering 93% engagement rate.

  • Tap into human nature with game mechanics, points and leaderboards
  • Give real-time feedback on responses
  • Continually learn with detailed explanations for each question
  • Benchmark participant responses against peers
  • Encourage socialization between participants with open comments
  • Persoanlize coaching with real-time coaching recommendations via the Manager Dashboard


Enterprise Ready

Scaling learning can be a costly challenge. Qstream delivers a SaaS, mobile microlearning solution that is scalable to tens of thousands of participants and able to meet the most stringent IT security requirements.

  • Adopted by 100s of organizations with 1,000s of participants in highly regulated industries
  • 17 languages across 80+ countries worldwide
  • SOC2 certified


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