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Who doesn’t love a good end-of-year content countdown? We’ve spent the last 52 weeks curating blogs, e-books, webinars and more to help L&D teams measure and refine the effectiveness of their programs and deliver exceptional learning experiences that make employees active contributors to the business. This year’s themes span combatting digital distractions, meeting the needs of hybrid, distributed workforces with individualized learning and enabling managers to coach and develop employees. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

10. [Webinar] Leveraging Microlearning To Empower Today’s Hybrid Workforces

The pandemic changed quite a bit about how the world works. Two Qstream clients from top pharmaceutical companies sat down to discuss how they’ve pivoted to meet the needs of a distributed, remote workforce. They share how they refined their L&D strategy to maximize learning engagement and knowledge retention, boost job performance and drive business outcomes.

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9. [Blog] Can Microlearning Lessen The Post-Pandemic, Inflation-era Hospital System Crisis?

We take a look at what’s contributing to the growing healthcare crisis and how microlearning and knowledge retention might just offer a reprieve. Afterall, Qstream got its start in healthcare and organizations have successfully been using our technology to reduce training time for busy frontline workers and ensure they have job-critical knowledge to mitigate risk. 

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8. [White Paper] Microlearning And Analytics: Empowering Managers To Effectively Coach And Develop Employees

We all know that managers are critical to the success of an organization. However, growing workloads have left many with little time to coach and develop their teams. Microlearning analytics offer precise coaching opportunities so people leaders can intervene when it matters and offer more meaningful feedback. In partnership with Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, this paper explores how today’s managers can have maximum impact on their teams and drive business results.

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7. [Blog] Wordle Is Having A Moment – Here’s Why

Wordle took the world by storm in early 2022. But did you ever ask yourself why it was such a hit? This simple but highly addictive game employs many of the same principles of microlearning. This blog breaks down the science at play and how Wordle reminds us that impactful learning activities don’t have to be overly complicated and can even be fun.

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6. [Webinar] Integrate And Automate Microlearning With Your Learning Ecosystem To Drive Business Success

Today’s learning applications are fragmented, static and don’t provide the learning experience that today’s leading organizations need. Integrations expert and Qstream VP of Sales & Customer Success Bret Kramer covers how integrating and automating your ecosystem, and making microlearning part of the formula, engages employees, improves learning outcomes, and drives business success.

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5. [Video] 6 L&D Strategy Mistakes To Avoid In 2023 (With Fixes!)

Are you making any of these training faux pas? Two Qstream learning experts share how to avoid the most common mistakes to avoid in the year ahead.

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4. Qstream Microlearning Course Library

Our shiny, new content library was unveiled on the heels of our product refresh and company rebrand – all of which focus on a modern and intuitive user experience. Here you can get instant access to off-the-shelf content to use as-is or customize to your needs. Plus, each microlearning course offers a blueprint for creating effective microlearning questions.

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3. [Research] The 2022 Workplace Learning Report & Infographic

At the start of the year, we surveyed learning leaders to better understand how they’re measuring learning program effectiveness and elevating training to retain employees. Our inaugural report set the stage for L&D’s goals for the year ahead and uncovered that 75% of companies were struggling with the labor shortage, among other statistics on the state of corporate training.

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2. [Webinar Series] Design, Deliver, Measure, Repeat: How To Build Individualized, Engaging Learning Experiences In 2023

What did we learn in 2022 and how can we apply it in 2023 for even better outcomes? Our four-part webinar series covered the tools and tactics needed to develop an L&D strategy that delivers real ROI and benefits learning teams, managers, leaders and most importantly, your employees. 

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1. [e-Book] Microlearning: What It Is And Why It’s The Missing Piece In Your L&D Strategy 

We’ve finally made it to our top resource of 2022 and honestly, it’s not at all surprising that this e-Book was a fan favorite. While we’ve always stood behind the effectiveness of microlearning, it seemed that the market took a real interest in it this year. Our topical e-Book offers a rundown of the basic principles of microlearning and how it can take your existing learning framework to the next level.

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Bonus: Qstream’s 2022 Customer Success Stories!

  • Multinational software corporation Autodesk increased sales reps’ knowledge retention by 64% and gained the ability to measure and justify the cost of enablement programs to the business. Watch the video.
  • Dartmouth Health, New Hampshire’s only academic health system and the state’s largest private employer, achieved a 66% reduction in nursing administration errors that contributed to serious glucose events using Qstream. Their work in improving patient diabetes management among nursing staff won Gold in the Brandon Hall Group 2022 Human Capital Management Excellence awards. Read the press release.
  • Medical association The American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) uses Qstream to deliver and test knowledge to ensure busy clinicians are equipped to provide excellent patient care. Read the case study.
  • Long-time customer Providence is always looking for ways to foster an exceptional learning experience. Today they use Qstream to reduce compliance training time so their over 210K caregivers can spend more time with patients. Watch the video.
  • Chris Platanos, Director, Commercial Training at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals is a passionate advocate for wellness both in the workplace and in his personal life. He sat down to share some best practices for promoting employee wellness and the many benefits his organization has seen from their efforts. Read the blog

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