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Modernizing Compliance Training To Meet The Evolving Demands Of Life Sciences

In the high-stakes life sciences industry, failing to follow the industry’s copious rules and regulations can be costly. According to a study of 26 large drug firms published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 85% received financial penalties over a 14-year period. Fines for activities like pricing violations, off-label marketing and kickbacks cost […]

Reimagining Compliance Training: A New Learning Experience to Drive Performance

Every organization has compliance training; yet, these courses are time consuming, not engaging, and expensive. Organizations need a strategy that is not only personalized for each learner but also moves away from static, traditional learning models and towards more modern learning delivery models. As a result, learners absorb material better and are enabled to truly […]

Microlearning Meets Compliance

In this discussion paper, Microlearning Meets Compliance, Darci Hall, Chief Learning Officer at Providence Health, explains the process and rationale behind the selection of microlearning as the primary method for compliance training delivery. Additionally, she provides concrete figures that demonstrate the return on investment Providence experiences due to microlearning’s benefits. In Microlearning Meets Compliance, you […]

What is Continuous Learning and Why Does Microlearning Matter?

Aragon Research CEO and Lead Corporate Learning Analyst, Jim Lundy, recommends that, “corporate enterprises need to evolve from relying on legacy learning technology to adopting innovative microlearning software such as Qstream to engage employees with business-critical content for obtaining insightful learning analytics that go beyond traditional reporting.” In this paper, Aragon Research performs a SWOT […]

Data Data Data!: Why Analytics are the Key to Better Learning

Ensuring learning solutions will have the desired impact on an organization – and being able to measure that impact – is not always easy. In this paper, Fosway Group will discuss what L&D needs to consider in terms of data and analytics – including what has been missing in many legacy systems – in order to […]