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It feels like just yesterday I was compiling our most-loved content of 2022. Needless to say, this year has flown by. As we head into 2024, it feels good to look back on how far we’ve come. For many of us, this is a time to assess what unfolded, recalibrate and establish new goals for the future. 

In doing so at Qstream, I must say that I am so impressed with both the quantity and quality of the resources we’ve produced over the last year. Our goal is always to serve up content that is valuable to our customers and readers – the kind that offers a new perspective, a unique strategy or an alternate way to use our microlearning and knowledge reinforcement platform to improve training outcomes. And I am happy to report; I believe we delivered!

This year, our pieces spanned a variety of mediums (from webinars to videos to infographics and even a toolkit) to keep things fresh and easily digestible. So with that, join us on a quick trip down memory lane. Here are the top Qstream resources of 2023…

[Video] Microlearning Content Development In 2023

We kicked off the year with a hot topic we had been discussing with a few of our customers: how to turn existing training content into microlearning challenges. In this video, our content guru, Yvonne McGrory, shares how L&D teams can convert training materials they already have into scenario-based questions to improve their job proficiency and positively change behavior.

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[Article] Integrating Microlearning Into Your Learning Tech Stack: The Boost Your LMS Needs To Improve ROI

2023 was the year of enhancing the value of the LMS and the easiest way to do that is to add a knowledge reinforcement component. A microlearning solution offers a modern way to help digital learners retain the most important information covered during LMS courses. We teamed up with Training Industry to write this piece on how to use microlearning and knowledge reinforcement with your LMS for better training ROI.

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[Toolkit] Creating Effective Microlearning Content

Another asset aimed at helping training teams easily create top-notch microlearning content, this toolkit offers a step-by-step guide for converting material you already have available into precision-based learning challenges. You walk away with your very own set of microlearning questions you can use today.

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ROI Calculator 

This handy calculator shows organizations just how much time and money is wasted when traditional training activities aren’t supplemented with knowledge reinforcement. Fill it out for yourself to see the cost saving and productivity gains your organization can achieve by adding this critical step in the learning process.

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[Infographic] Onboarding A Modern Workforce

Onboarding is arguably the most important part of the employee journey. If you get this step right, you instantly engage your new hire, shorten time to proficiency and set them up for lasting success at your organization. This Qstream and Brandon Hall Group infographic walks through where organizations typically fall short in this endeavor and trends for building a modern, employee-centric approach. 

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[White Paper] Improving Pharmaceutical Workforce Performance With Microlearning

The pharmaceutical industry sales model shifted in 2023 due to evolving legislation and healthcare providers moving to a more patient-centric approach. As a result, sales reps must become even greater experts in the products they are selling – clearly communicating the why and how it will help patients. This paper covers how microlearning offers a non-invasive way to keep field reps up to date on the latest developments in their portfolios so they can more effectively share the benefits of their product lines.

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[Webinar] The Science Behind Microlearning & Innovative, Modern Applications In L&D

Ever wonder about the science behind Qstream that we frequently reference? We had our co-founder, Dr. Price Kerfoot, share the experiments and research conducted to create our platform and how it’s being used today to combat the infamous forgetting curve. He’s joined by Johnny Hamilton, Manager of Innovation and Development at Providence, who covers how these principles improve engagement and knowledge retention across his team and how Qstream has saved his organization time and money on compliance training.

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[Checklist] What To Look For When Evaluating A Microlearning Vendor

How can you select the best-fit microlearning vendor for your organization? This checklist lays out the key features you should consider in your evaluation, such as a modern participant experience, actionable analytics, manager coaching and proven knowledge retention capabilities. 

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Measuring Training ROI Blog Series

Budgets shrank throughout the year as uncertainty around the economy grew. And with that, came the pressing need for L&D to show the value of their investments. This blog series covers the why, what and how of measuring training program ROI and strategies that can help teams present their success to leadership.

Blog #1: Why Should We Measure Training Effectiveness?

Blog #2: What Should We Measure To Determine Training Effectiveness?

Blog #3: How Should We Measure Training Effectiveness?

[Panel] Ask 3 Experts: How To Create A Culture Of Compliance With Data-Driven Risk Assessment & Remediation

Compliance is a top Qstream use case so we jumped at the chance to get a few of our customers together to talk about how they’re doing things differently. Compliance training professionals from three different industries joined us for a discussion on the common challenges they face and the solutions they’re putting in place to make their programs more engaging and effective. They also cover how to use microlearning analytics to identify and mitigate business risk. 

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[Blog] How Microlearning Can Help Fix 7 Common Training Challenges

Learner engagement has been a hot topic for a while now but we kept hearing more and more about this idea of fragmented learning experiences. Essentially, learning consists of one-off experiences, rather than continued journeys. This blog (and corresponding infographic) lays out this and other training sticking points with actionable solutions for each. 

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[Guide] 9 Innovative, Highly Effective Ways To Use Microlearning

Our software platform was created at Harvard to help knowledge-critical industries make training stick. However, over the years, our innovative customers and our team have uncovered alternate use cases. This list is a compilation of all the different and unique ways organizations are using Qstream today, making microlearning an essential staple in the learning ecosystem.

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Bonus: Qstream’s 2023 Customer Success Stories

  • Global biopharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) uses Qstream to reinforce training for their global workforce. The team rolled out Qstream to 56 countries across their commercial sales, medical and manufacturing operations teams and saw a whopping 93% engagement with the platform across the board. They also use the analytics to assess how well their programs are performing so they can continuously improve. Read the case study and watch the video.
  • University of Wollongong improved knowledge and enhanced quality of life for patients living with Atrial Fibrillation, which is a major stroke risk factor. Qstream was successfully used to educate patients living with the disorder on how to best care for themselves and manage the condition. Read the case study.
  • Medical device manufacturer Intuitive Surgical used Qstream’s video-scenario question feature to hold a pitch contest for a new product line for their sales reps. The contest generated a ton of creativity, facilitated collaboration across the organization and produced several examples of product messaging excellence as sales resources. Read the case study
  • Food safety is a priority for distributor CiL Fresh. They brought on Qstream to understand knowledge gaps that could put their business at risk as well as offer a modern learning experience to stand out from the competition. Employees appear to like this new style of learning, as the organization achieved a 100% engagement rate on their first Qstream. Read the case study.
  • The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) enlisted Qstream to round out their already robust learning ecosystem with the essential knowledge reinforcement component. Their clinician members across the world appreciate Qstream’s short bursts of information over time which supplement the association’s larger training activities. Read the case study.
  • A leading children’s hospital uses Qstream to train nearly 5K busy physicians on need-to-know information. These non-disruptive microlearning challenges have produced an increase in proficiency and the hospital even offered CME credit hours for participation. Read the case study.
  • Qstream helps a global biotechnology company provide a modern learning experience for their field sales teams while helping them build job-critical knowledge and skills. After implementation, they saw a 90% engagement rate and a significant proficiency increase which encouraged them to expand the use of Qstream across the company. Read the case study.


And there you have it! We hope you found this year’s resources helpful and rest assured, we will be back with even more in 2024. If you ever have any ideas for useful content, please reach out to We’d love to hear from you!

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