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Leveraging Psychology and Brain Science to Optimize Retention and Behavior Change in the Workplace


This must-attend webcast for learning and enablement leaders deep dives into the psychology of corporate learning with Qstream co-founder Dr. B. Price Kerfoot, and...


User Experience for Healthcare


Qstream is a fast, effective way for today’s busy clinicians to acquire and retain the critical information and skills they need by playing a game...


Qstream for Sales

Product Info

Testing Qstream is used by enterprise sales organizations to improve sales proficiency and performance. Find out how it works...

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The Learning Science of Situational Awareness and Patient Safety


An Interactive Webinar with Qstream CEO, Rich Lanchantin On Wednesday, July 17, 2018, Amalgam’s Learning Scientist and Research Fellow, Todd Maddox, Ph.D. and Qstream’s...

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