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Changing L&D’s, Employees’ and Organizations’ Expectations of Compliance Training

Changing L&D’s, Employees’ and Organizations’ Expectations of Compliance Training

Although it’s an important part of improving a business’s ability to operate, compliance training isn’t given the same importance as other strategic L&D initiatives. It is often seen as a regulatory requirement that can’t be used to develop an organization’s workforce. However, companies with highly effective compliance training programs are almost twice as likely to […]

Scientifically Proven Strategies for Building Long-Term Knowledge Retention

Qstream Microlearning

Companies spend a lot of time and money developing quality training content and courses and then wonder why those newly taught materials aren’t being translated into applying the appropriate behaviors on the job. What’s not being considered is what happens after training: all of the information that was taught is lost because knowledge wasn’t immediately […]

Mastering the 3 Cs of Effective Sales Training

Today’s buyers have high expectations. The sellers who are prepared with the essential knowledge, skills and behaviors to meet their needs are in the best position to win. Because of this, companies (63%) are expected to increase sales L&D spend over the next three years. The challenge is that legacy sales training practices don’t sufficiently […]

How to Quantify the Value of Corporate Learning Programs

Learning and enablement leaders are responsible to train, develop and retain top talent to meet business objectives. Yet, they are challenged to create training programs with minimal time, budget, and resources. Furthermore, chief learning officers and learning leaders are required to quantify the return on investment for each dollar spent on training and prove value. […]