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Optimizing your Qstream Content for Better Results

  To be effective, relevant, and engaging learning programs must replicate what learners are experiencing every day. Challenging and relevant content engages learners, sparks critical thinking skills and makes content stick. By increasing the use of scenario-based and video-based challenges, training organizations can increase long-term knowledge retention and recall of information, change behaviors, and impact […]

Creating Effective Qstream Content

  An impactful microlearning program starts with great content that is related to organizational goals. It should also be fun, fast, and engaging for learners. Brainstorming ideas for writing a Qstream can be difficult, and when it comes down to creating content, it’s important to think about the behaviors you’re looking to change and which […]

The Science Behind Successful Learning

  Learning professionals dedicate a massive amount of time and effort creating content to engage learners and educate them with new knowledge. However, those efforts are too often wasted because learners are known to forget 79% of training content within 31 days. This has serious consequences for organizations that spend thousands of dollars on rigorous […]