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One-third of sales reps aren’t prepared to win deals. What does this mean for you?

Do you know what your reps say on a sales call? It’s kind of scary to think about, isn’t it? Based on the latest Qstream data, we found that over one-third of sales reps aren’t prepared. Yikes! Here’s the thing: your reps aren’t dumb. They’re super smart; after all, that’s why you hired them. But changes in today’s buyer b [...] Read More


Celebrating the company we keep

The Qstream team salutes Dr. Dennis Jennings, Irish physicist, IT guru and Qstream Ltd. board member, on being named today to the Internet Hall of Fame. Jennings joins notable visionaries, including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf and Kees Neggers, in the Internet Society’s elite Pioneer Circle, and we couldn't be more proud. An Op [...] Read More

SPBT Preferred Industry Provider

Qstream recognized as SPBT ‘Preferred Industry Partner’

For those of us up in Boston, and almost everywhere for that matter, Spring and Summer can’t come soon enough this year. In addition to once again enjoying the possibility of temperatures over 30 degrees, there is a host of great conferences that we look forward just as much. Among these is the Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trai [...] Read More


The reason you have a sales force

So the age of the customer is here, you say? B2B buyers are far more informed and value-driven than ever before. And, how they buy and what they expect from your sales reps has changed everything. Days from now we’ll join Forrester Research and other clients in Phoenix, AZ, for the firm’s annual Sales Enablement Forum. The goal? Un [...] Read More


The new pharma sales Rx: A spoonful of know-how, 3X per week

As HCP access continues to erode, so too have the massive pharma sales forces that formerly called upon them. With so much of the product knowledge that doctors seek now available online, there's a significant opportunity for traditional pharma reps to play a far more relevant role in the product education process. Sales management and [...] Read More


Hey wait a minute, my Qstream looks different!

As you may have noticed by now, things are starting to look just a little different around here at Qstream. After a few late nights, our developers today launched a refreshed product UI based on updates to our corporate branding that began late last Fall. Our New Look Working with our friends at Pixels2Picas, our brand now has a new [...] Read More

Changing Sales Behavior

Why is changing sales behavior so hard?

Nothing about your sales process is simple or predictable, except that each year the target gets bigger. Achieving this audacious goal requires more than just hope that your top performers can save the day, but the ability to effectively prepare and motivate the entire team to sell more. At the same time, the selling environment ha [...] Read More

Burning match

3 ways to make your sales kickoff sizzle, not fizzle

Sales kickoff season is upon us. The story is familiar. Revenue projections get higher. Quotas get larger. New product launches designed to drive growth demand that reps master a list of new messages, sales processes and pricing. Competitors’ new offerings make selling into the most complex environments even more complex. Executives [...] Read More


“A wonderful way to reinforce concepts”

Feedback on Qstream from the latest evaluations sent to us by our customer, NACE, says it all about the value of our approach to changing behaviors. "I like the short informative format with questions that will be remembered." "A good way to exercise the memory." "Excellent educational activity. Need more of these." Wheth [...] Read More


What the ‘best companies to sell for’ have in common

Last week Selling Power Magazine released its annual list of the "50 Best Companies to Sell For.” For more than a dozen years, the publication has analyzed and ranked industry leaders based on revenue growth, sales compensation, culture and onboarding, sales enablement strategies, coaching processes and annual turnover. For the first ti [...] Read More