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Guest Blog: Driving Sales Transformation Success – Three Ways to Ensure Engagement and Adoption

If you want to improve sales productivity and generate more revenue per rep, you need to be able to reinforce sales best practices. When we talk about sales transformation, we mean changing the behaviors of your salespeople in a way that drives long-term results. Scheduling a one-time training event is not going to drive measurable imp [...] Read More

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Are You Leaving Your Remote Sales Reps Out in the Cold?

Given the nature of our “always on-always connected” business culture, it’s become easier and easier for companies to build their workforce with team members based in remote locations. This is especially true for sales professionals, who are often field-based and may work out of regional locations or more commonly, a home office. [...] Read More


“My Biggest Challenge is Finding, Onboarding and Retaining Great Sales People”

Ask any sales leader what their biggest challenge is and it’s likely the majority will answer hiring and retaining a team of top performers. Given improvements in the overall economy, what was never an easy task has gotten even harder. New sales opportunities are plentiful, and competition for the best reps has become nothing short of c [...] Read More

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In Your Next Board Presentation, Here’s What to Lead With: People

It’s the day of your board meeting. You are prepared and looking forward to a useful discussion. Your presentation is rich with financial data, key performance indicators and the most spectacular charts PowerPoint can deliver. It’s a deck that you expect will dramatically enhance your talk. When you finish, a board member with a k [...] Read More


What Sales Analytics Can Actually Tell You – And What It Can’t

Sales analytics is all the rage and done well, the right solution can track and report on a wide range of pipeline and activity-based metrics such as win rates by employee, or number of sales calls completed. For a seasoned sales manager, this data can positively complement their own experience and judgment, while providing a new window i [...] Read More

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3 Things to Know Before Building Your 2016 Sales Enablement Budget

If your fiscal year follows the calendar, you're probably already beginning to develop and submit budgets for 2016. This particular exercise, at least for folks in marketing, is generally filled with optimistic assumptions of expanded budgets based on a long list of must-have programs, events and tools for the new year. The go [...] Read More

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Boldly Going in B2B Sales: Less Kirk, More Spock

This post was originally published by Bob Apollo on the Inflexion-Point blog. Follow Bob on Twitter and on LinkedIn. The traditional profile of a successful sales person isn’t a million light-years away from the personality of Captain James Tiberius Kirk - someone who has been variously described as “cunning, courageous and [...] Read More

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Sales Coaches: It’s Time to Think “Outside the Deal”

September has now come and gone, and for many companies, so has another quarter. If you’re a sales manager, I’m going to venture a guess that you spent a lot of your time this week on sales “rescues”: coaching your reps on how to bring in those critical deals they just couldn’t seem to close on their own. (Or worst case, closing [...] Read More

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Two Trends Shaping the Next Decade of Pharma Sales Excellence

As pharmaceutical markets mature, sales and marketing executives are tasked to discover new ways of achieving greater profitability and success. With competition driving the need for change, so too are companies outside of the industry such as Google, Apple and others creating a sea change of technological innovation. Together, these t [...] Read More

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Guest Blog: What Sales Metrics Should You Track? – The Essential List

"What gets measured gets managed." – Peter Drucker. Only when you have a good sense of what's going on in your organization can you decide which buttons to push to make the greatest improvements. Even small efforts to track key sales metrics can quickly drive better results. Yet many organizations fail on this account. In their r [...] Read More