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Sales Skeptics

Feeling good about that sales forecast? Not so fast…

It’s an all too familiar story. You’re poring over the updated forecasts for the next few quarters. Thankfully, the numbers look good across every region, and it appears the new products will really pay off in all the right accounts. You may even have a little upside. Then you get Qstream management report, and it looks like this: [...] Read More


Tackle the human side of your CRM strategy with Qstream for

Available today, Qstream for seamlessly integrates two powerful platforms to manage and measure the strengths of your sellers from within the CRM system they use every day. Companies that use Qstream to address the human-side of selling have seen unprecedented increases in the baseline skills of their customer-facing te [...] Read More


Top five reasons we’re thrilled to attend
#WebSummit 2014

Web Summit, the self-proclaimed “best technology conference on the planet,” starts next week in Dublin. The event is sold out, but Qstream will be well-represented and we couldn’t be more excited. Why? Here are our top five reasons: 5.  Who’d pass up a chance to rub elbows with the CEOs of some of the world’s hottest tech c [...] Read More

selling skills

Selling Skills: It’s Worse Than You Think

Sales managers are tasked with keeping a pulse on their teams’ performance. At any point, they can easily identify top performers and those other few falling behind quota. CRM puts this information directly at their fingertips. What’s missing is deeper insight to help them proactively discern the true ability – or inability – of t [...] Read More

simpson brain SMA blog

Guest Blog: Is Sales Enablement Making Sales People Stupid?

Sales Enablement software has a solid foothold in many sales organizations. Better than the knowledge management platforms it replaces, Sales Enablement solves a common sales force “distribution” problem; that is, the problem of distributing marketing content to, and through, the sales force. Sales Enablement’s oft-stated purpose is [...] Read More

Success ladder

A New Perspective on the Sales Enablement Landscape

Has “sales enablement” finally achieved its moment in the proverbial sun? While the definition, scope of influence, composition, and organizational placement of sales enablement functions can still vary widely from industry to industry, it's clear that the role of sales enablement professionals, and the tools now available to support [...] Read More


#ServeDifferent in Pharma Sales, Says Qstream Partner EngageRx

Pharma professionals’ access to health care providers is dwindling by the day. So it’s more critical than ever that they find new ways to create value. Sounds simple—right!? Of course it isn’t. A great relationship and excellent product knowledge doesn’t earn time in front of the doctor like they used to. So, how can we brid [...] Read More

Google Play

Qstream Delivers Next-Generation Android App

You’re an iOS smartphone-toting sales rep in line for your morning double decaf latte at Starbucks. Or working away on your tablet running Android while waiting for your next customer appointment to begin. And, Qstream is right there with you -- literally in the palm of your hands. Our concerted mobile-first strategy ensures conv [...] Read More

The Challenger Sale

The Challenger Sale and a compelling quest for change

Since The Challenger Sale was first released in 2011, it’s become a popular read for sales professionals wanting to gain a competitive edge at solution selling. Within it, authors Brent Adamson and Matt Dixon relayed a totally new approach for tackling the complex sale – one that for many went against long-held beliefs about the trai [...] Read More


How does your sales team stack up?

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” That’s what immediately comes to mind after reading “Are You Looking at Sales Training Strategically?” Within it sales industry consultant Dave Stein discusses the most common reasons sales training fails to deliver the intended results. A few that really resonate include: [...] Read More