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The Secret to Great Sales Coaching, and Other Uses of Our New Manager Dashboard

The job of the front-line sales manager can be chaotic and reactive. Moving from meetings to conference calls to customer visits, even the best sales leaders struggle to balance their daily management responsibilities with the need to develop their teams. And if time constraints weren’t enough, the supervisory skills that your top-perfo [...] Read More

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Guest Blog: Five Things Your Salespeople Need After Learning A New Methodology

Many organizations start the year with plans to implement new sales methodologies. Unfortunately, many of these plans will fail to boost sales productivity, and many will simply fade away as the year progresses. If you want your new methodology to stick, don’t treat implementation as the final step. What you do after implementation i [...] Read More

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Thanks Stevie! We’re Honored. (Again)

Today we learned that our popular sales performance platform was named a finalist in the 2015 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service in the Sales Automation category, which means we are ranked among the top 3 of the dozens of qualified entrants. And naturally, we’re honored to be honored. The Stevie Awards organizes several [...] Read More

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You’ve Got Content. Yes, You Do.

One of the most critical components of a successful Qstream is the content, that is the questions, answers and explanations that comprise Qstream challenges. When we engage with customers, particularly those who are deploying Qstream for the first time, we’re frequently asked, “So, where does the content come from?” The short ans [...] Read More


Our top three predictions for 2015

In 2014 we saw a burst of sales enablement/acceleration/productivity tools enter the market, creating myriad opportunity for improving sales performance. Based on our work with some of the largest, most progressive and successful sales teams in the past 12 months, however, here is what you can expect from 2015. 1. Solutions that focus [...] Read More

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Feeling good about that sales forecast? Not so fast…

It’s an all too familiar story. You’re poring over the updated forecasts for the next few quarters. Thankfully, the numbers look good across every region, and it appears the new products will really pay off in all the right accounts. You may even have a little upside. Then you get Qstream management report, and it looks like this: [...] Read More


Tackle the human side of your CRM strategy with Qstream for

Available today, Qstream for seamlessly integrates two powerful platforms to manage and measure the strengths of your sellers from within the CRM system they use every day. Companies that use Qstream to address the human-side of selling have seen unprecedented increases in the baseline skills of their customer-facing te [...] Read More


Top five reasons we’re thrilled to attend
#WebSummit 2014

Web Summit, the self-proclaimed “best technology conference on the planet,” starts next week in Dublin. The event is sold out, but Qstream will be well-represented and we couldn’t be more excited. Why? Here are our top five reasons: 5.  Who’d pass up a chance to rub elbows with the CEOs of some of the world’s hottest tech c [...] Read More

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Selling skills: It’s worse than you think

Sales managers are tasked with keeping a pulse on their teams’ performance. At any point, they can easily identify top performers and those other few falling behind quota. CRM puts this information directly at their fingertips. What’s missing is deeper insight to help them proactively discern the true ability – or inability – of t [...] Read More

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Guest Blog: Is Sales Enablement Making Sales People Stupid?

Sales Enablement software has a solid foothold in many sales organizations. Better than the knowledge management platforms it replaces, Sales Enablement solves a common sales force “distribution” problem; that is, the problem of distributing marketing content to, and through, the sales force. Sales Enablement’s oft-stated purpose is [...] Read More