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Effective Onboarding: The Key to Engaging and Retaining Top Sales Talent

We tend to think of onboarding as a one-time event as new sales reps are hired. Laptop? Check. Employee handbook? Check. Meetings and assignments? Check. eLearning modules? Check. Product training? Check. And then it’s over, the new rep has been officially onboarded and is now ready to be a productive member of the team, right? Qstream CEO, Rich Lanchantin, comments on recent findings in the Sales Management Association’s latest research on “Salesperson Onboarding”.


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An mHealth intervention to improve nurses’ atrial fibrillation and anticoagulation knowledge and practice: the EVICOAG study

In this journal article by Dr. Caleb Fergusson, documents a study to evaluate the efficacy of EVICOAG – a novel mHealth, smartphone-based, spaced-learning intervention on nurses’ knowledge of atrial fibrillation and anticoagulation, powered by Qstream. Results include a staggering a 54% mean improvement in knowledge levels post-intervention. A full copy of the article can be ordered via Sage Journals.


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4 Considerations for Improving Healthcare Training and Delivery

In healthcare, job proficiency can have a direct impact on patient experience, safety, and outcomes. From customer service to the CMO, the ability to collect and correctly interpret patient information is critical to making good decisions about next steps. In this ATD article Rich Lanchantin, Qstream CEO, talks about 4 things to consider to improve healthcare training and delivery.


The Missing Metric Between Productivity and Performance: Proficiency

Qstream CEO Rich Lanchantin discusses the missing link between sales productivity and sales performance the: proficiency. Out of the “three Ps” of performance, productivity, and proficiency, the third “P” is the most insightful metric of all.

How to Measure & Improve Sales Proficiency at Scale

Qstream CMO Steve Preston shares why proficiency is the missing link for driving sales performance, and how our mobile platform is helping enablement pros connect training and development investments to business outcomes.

Want a Game-Changing 2018 Sales Kick-Off? Follow These Tips

Qstream’s Deidre Moore shares tips to ensure your sales kick-off delivers the optimal benefits for your reps, your managers, and your bottom line.

The Most Important Sales Metrics You’re Not Tracking

Qstream’s Deidre Moore reveals 3 often overlooked sales metrics for measuring the performance of your sales people.

How to make the most of human and robo-advice

Following these three steps will help advisers successfully maximize the best of human and digital interplay to advance customer, and corporate, success.

And the Winners of the 2017 CRM Watchlist Are…

The CRM Watchlist recognizes companies delivering the greatest impact in the CRM industry across all markets. Compiled annually by respected independent CRM analyst, Paul Greenberg, this year’s Watchlist reflects an extensive analysis of 13o+ entries resulting in a shortlist of the most influential vendors, which in 2017 includes Qstream!


Harvard Spinoff Gets $15M to Expand Sales Coaching Platform

Qstream has raised $15 million to expand its coaching software platform for sales professionals within the United States and abroad. Duncan Lennox,CEO and co-founder at Qstream said the company will use the new capital which brings total funding to $23 million to add around 50 to 60 employees over the next year to its current workforce of 110.



How Qstream Uses Neuroscience,Data And Mobile To Improve Sales Productivity

The innovative company combines,mobile, science and software in a simple to use app that helps many of the world’s top brands,outperform their peers by up to three times in average annual revenue growth.

Three Amazingly Successful CEO’s Give Away Their Secrets to Rapid Growth

Qstream is a fast growing tech company that recently announced a multi-year agreement with LinkedIn. Their sales capabilities platform is used by leading brands in technology financial services and life sciences to manage the effectiveness of their sales channels and front-line managers.

Sales 3.0: Reshaping the B2B Selling System

Leading organizations are remaking the selling system to help today’s buyers meet tomorrow’s challenges. Those who have moved their sales forces from product pitching to buyer-centric selling – from buyer selling to buyer empathy– are better able to create a shared vision of success.


Game Changers: Ten of the Most Disruptive Tech Startups in Boston

Of the hundreds of investor-funded tech startups in Massachusetts,many won’t survive past their first few years. Meanwhile,there are dozens of possible game changers with the potential of hitting it big. We’ve narrowed down the list to 10 of the most promising young firms from this group.

In Your Next Board Presentation,Lead With People

You are prepared and looking forward to a useful discussion. When you finish,a board member with a knack for asking insightful and pointed questions responds: “So,are you confident that your people can get it done?” You respond with an enthusiastic “Yes!”