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Euler Hermes

Euler Hermes Gets Sales Team Up to Speed on New Business Process Faster with Qstream

“We have highly experienced salespeople, and some that are newer to their careers, and Qstream’s appeal spanned the spectrum, which was very impressive.”

Euler Hermes, a subsidiary of Allianz, is the world’s oldest and largest trade credit insurer, also known as accounts receivable insurance. The company offers both domestic and export credit insurance policies in more than 200 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Since its inception in 1917, Euler Hermes agents have provided customers with comprehensive paper binders containing detailed policy information and reviewed it with them in detail. However, to meet customers’ evolving business communications preferences, and to realize significant operational cost savings, the company opted to convert to eBinders and deliver policies electronically with access from the cloud.

The adoption of a new business process often leads to disrupted workflows and lost selling time. With that in mind, Matt Garfinkle, learning and development manager for Euler Hermes, was charged with making the transition a smooth one for all agents across North America.

The Solution

Euler Hermes deployed Qstream’s mobile microlearning solution to reinforce the knowledge needed to support their eBinder rollout. The company piloted eBinder in the Southeast sales region, launching with a one-hour training webinar which introduced the process change and associated follow-up steps. Post-training, Qstream was piloted with the agents.

In just three minutes every few days, agents responded to a set of scenario-based challenges from Qstream, which covered the new eBinder process, on their mobile devices and laptops. Responses were synthesized by Qstream’s data analytics engine, which then provided a graphical view into agents’ progress, and identified any knowledge gaps that needed attention. A manager dashboard highlighted areas where agents struggled and provided related coaching recommendations.

The intentionally contained pilot, designed to prove the concept and document the learning, was deemed a success. Euler Hermes then rolled out eBinder company-wide with a very similar approach: an updated training webinar followed by the use of Qstream’s data-driven software to reinforce the content. The webinar was enhanced to reflect greater emphasis on areas where agents struggled in the Qstream pilot.

“Qstream was clearly useful in driving learning, but it also helped us to understand the efficacy of our training,” said Garfinkle.

For regional sales managers and regional vice presidents, Qstream proved highly instructive in terms of quantifying, with real-time data, what areas related to the new eBinder process to reinforce and what their agents didn’t understand.

“We looked at other solutions but it was clear that Qstream was the right choice for our company. Qstream just did a better job of presenting a clean interface, particularly the mobile interaction,” Matt Garfinkle shared.

“I liked the leader board and the real-time nature of the diagnostics behind it. Equally important, it was a simple process for us to use. Given the scope of my role, time is limited and Qstream is very, very simple to manage.”

The Results

Using Qstream, Euler Hermes realized 96% engagement with their reps and an overall proficiency increase in process knowledge of 20%.

“Out of the gate, our agents had a great response to Qstream. They appreciated the ease of use and the fact that it did not interrupt their day. The spacing dynamics and repetition, even for just the few minutes a day that is required, encouraged the agents to stay with it and that’s where the learning happens.”

Of note was Qstream’s ability to appeal to all ages within the sales team.


“Our team is quite diverse,” said Garfinkle. “We have very experienced salespeople, and some that are newer to their careers, and Qstream’s appeal spanned the spectrum, which was very impressive.”

The leader boards sparked a healthy sense of competition and fostered agent engagement.

“The sense of competition that Qstream sparked was incredible and far outpaced the time and effort that was required to build the content and administer the Qstream,” said Garfinkle.

About Euler Hermes

With more than 100 years of experience, Euler Hermes is the global leader in trade credit insurance, as well as a recognized specialist in the areas of bonding, guarantees, and collections. Its proprietary intelligence network tracks and analyzes daily changes in corporate solvency among small, medium and multinational companies active in markets representing 92% of global GDP.