Sales Enablement eBook: The 3 Ps of Winning Sales Teams

eBook: The 3 Ps of Winning
Sales Teams

Sales Enablement

Is Proficiency the Missing Link for Sales Enablement Success?

The Most Important Metric You’re Not Tracking


An organization’s ability to motivate, measure and improve Sales Proficiency — the knowledge, skills and behaviors of its reps — is key to driving sales performance.

Our latest eBook explores why Proficiency is critical to linking sales enablement investments to business results, and discusses why it should be a foundational metric of any program. You’ll learn:

  • Why advanced sales enablement organizations are using proficiency to gauge pipeline health and spot performance risk
  • How visibility to this data set supports more personalized training and coaching that helps all reps reach their potential
  • The impact that continuous sales enablement, guided by analytics, has on critical KPIs ranging from win rates to new hire productivity

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