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Qstream Solution Brochure

Learn more about how Qstream is bringing together the best of gamification, big data and neuroscience to create one powerfully simple solution for improving sales performance.


Qstream for Life Sciences Brand Managers

Qstream helps the brand teams in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies to measure and manage critical sales force knowledge of products, disease states, regulatory concerns, safety, efficacy, access and more.


Qstream for Financial Services Customer Relationship Managers

Qstream enhances the product knowledge and selling skills of your customer team in just 3 minutes a day. Knowledgeable reps help where it matters most — face-to-face with clients — enhancing the customer experience and helping to build stronger relationships.


Qstream for High Tech Sales Teams and Channels

Qstream helps the most successful high-tech sales, marketing and product executives drive revenue and create competitive advantage by ensuring that their sales teams and channel partners are engaged, effective and armed with the knowledge that they need to win.


Qstream for Healthcare Leaders

Qstream is widely used for professional healthcare education by some of the world’s top medical centers and healthcare leaders on a range of topics, including patient safety, infection control, emergency medicine, palliative care and advanced life support.


Qstream Starter Services

Our 90-day Starter Services Pack puts you on the fast path to success with Qstream. Services include project planning, implementation, launch, admin training, dedicated account manager and premium support.

Customer Stories


Boehringer Ingelheim

One of the world’s largest pharma companies, Boehringer Ingelheim is committed to helping its sales force manage competitive and regulatory challenges through mobile sales reinforcement. Using Qstream, management receives weekly summary reports offering insights into areas where the field might require additional support. Feedback from the field remains consistently outstanding and the business results speak for themselves. Also available in German.



As an innovative leader in sales and technology, Xerox’s Managed Print Services executives need to know that their sales reps are prepared to address customer needs. In order to ensure new skills are applied on-the-job following face-to-face sales workshops, Xerox deployed Qstream for direct and indirect sales reps. As a result, sales reps sharpened critical skills and increased their confidence in product expertise without wasting precious selling time. Also available in French and German.


American Medical Systems

Despite a variety of training approaches and investments, AMS found that its sales force’s ability to recall critical product information would decline in as little as two weeks following a sales meeting. Leveraging Qstream, AMS was able to drive post-event mastery scores of participating sales reps from a baseline of 68% to upwards of 92%, with more than 96% engagement. Also available in French and German.


SunTrust Bank | Mortgage Division

Recognizing that building client trust would be integral to the success of their growth strategy, company leaders sought to improve the service focus and selling skills of branch personnel, beginning with its lucrative mortgage division. Learn how Qstream and its partner Richardson helped this leading financial institution boost customer satisfaction by 26%.


Intuitive Surgical

With its large, dispersed sales force, Intuitive Surgical needed an innovative way to keep information delivered at sales kickoff top of mind until product availability several months later. With Qstream, they found a solution with the balance of convenience, motivation and analytics they needed to foster retention. Compared to other methods, they proved Qstream to be as effective as 1:1 coaching on an ongoing basis.


Global Insurance Broker

A leading insurance company turned to Qstream after identifying a gap in selling skills. As the market changed, their advisors needed to shift from a highly consultative approach to a more transactional sales model. Using Qstream to strengthen critical selling skills and knowledge, the firm’s advisors saw outstanding results, including the application of new skills on the job. Also available in German.



When CooperVision decided to invest in a new sales process, they needed an efficient way to reinforce it. Relying on sales managers alone in the post-training period could result in a watered-down message and inconsistent practices. With Qstream, they had a positive response from the field and achieved the results they were after.


Smiths Medical

Despite an integrated business planning process, inventory issues were leading to cost overruns and delivery delays. The issue? Inconsistent worldwide sales processes. Smiths used Qstream in nine languages to ensure the consistency of a new sales process globally. Onboard performance reporting kept senior executives, who were monitoring the deployment closely, well informed.

Qpapers & eBooks

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Top 5 Ways Sales Teams Benefit from Qstream

Succeeding in sales is tougher than ever. That’s why a growing number of innovation-seeking sales leaders in life sciences, technology and financial services are turning to Qstream, a radically new mobile sales performance platform, for help. Download this eBook to discover how you can apply Qstream’s clinically-proven approach to creating an “always-on” channel for the reinforcement of core brand messages, product knowledge and selling skills, respond to competitive threats, build an effective coaching culture, accelerate time-to-productivity for new sales reps, and drive adoption of new sales methodologies.


The Cure for the Common Sales Kick-off: 2015 Event Planning Guide

The annual sales kick-off continues to be a uniquely important forum, often bringing together hundreds of worldwide team members in one location. But given the complexity of today’s B2B selling environment, the stakes for these meetings, and the expected ROI for all the man hours and dollars required to execute them, have never been higher. So how can you make sure your next sales kick-off is not simply business as usual, and how will you measure its ultimate success (or failure)? Download this eBook for a list of the 7 secrets you need to know to make your next sales kick-off the most effective − and memorable ever.


10 Do’s & Dont’s for Developing an Effective Sales Reinforcement Program

Sales enablement and training professionals have long suffered with the frustrating reality that reps will forget most of the information relayed to them in a matter of days. What we’ve come to understand is that sales reps must be able to apply that knowledge to fully encode it into memory and subsequently apply new information and skills on the job. For anyone considering investing in a sales knowledge reinforcement solution, we’ve compiled a list of must-do’s (and some don’ts) to get the optimal benefit for your reps, and your bottom-line.


Why You Must Stop Ignoring Your Average Sales Performers:
New Strategies for Making Them the Secret to Your Revenue Success

​If your goal is to create a higher-performing sales force, focusing on your top closers is far less effective than engaging your average or “middle” tier reps. Why?  Greater numbers and more room for improvement make this middle core of your team a much more likely source of significant revenue growth. In this eBook we review the untapped potential of a sales organization’s “middle” tier, and the ways in which new technologies are helping to transform sales behavior and drive new revenues.


CSO Insights FirstView Report – Dynamic Sales Process Enablement

According to CSO Insights latest report, sales teams that can respond more quickly to market changes and competition significantly outperform those that can’t, including higher win rates and quota attainment. Uncover the benefits of dynamic sales process, and how to achieve them.


Differentiate Your Channel Program to Build Market Share:
Two Mobile Strategies that Work!

Solutions designed to differentiate your channel program from the competition must align with the way your audience thinks and works. For channel reps, it must be simple, engaging, convenient and fast. For your channel sales management, it’s got to work, be cost efficient at scale, and offer insights into the true selling potential of every channel partner. This brief outlines a proven, two-part mobile strategy designed to create more engaged partners while capturing actionable insights into their reps’ ability to help you increase overall market share.


Making Less Access More Effective:
Strategies for Ensuring Pharma Sales Success in an Era of Declining Physician Access

As HCP access continues to erode, so too have the large pharmaceutical sales forces that formerly called upon them. With online channels now available for doctors to acquire the product knowledge they seek, reps can optimize their limited access by participating in conversations highly valued by physicians, such as those related to new research, business practices and patient outcomes. This paper discusses ways that some of today’s industry leaders have employed mobile apps to develop and measure these critical skills.


Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness Insights in 3 Minutes A Day:
How to Drive Better Knowledge Retention and Monitor it in Real-time

Life sciences sales forces are not only expensive to build, but also to educate and maintain at $30,000 annually per rep on average. Understanding and closing gaps in a team’s product knowledge and selling skills is the key to addressing evolving competitive and regulatory challenges. Qstream provides a simple but powerful method to keep your finger on the pulse of reps’ performance. This paper presents the results of the platform’s learning and diagnostic model, proven and used at Harvard Medical School, and successfully implemented at large pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Videos & Infographics


Qstream in 2 Minutes

Qstream is built for today’s mobile sales forces. It’s a fast, effective way for reps to acquire and retain critical information and skills they need by playing a game in just minutes a day on any mobile device. Watch this two minute video to learn how Qstream allows organizations to manage the skills and knowledge of their sales force.


Over One-Third of Sales Reps Not Prepared for New Selling Models

According to data compiled by Qstream, more than one-third of enterprise sales reps today – even those with extensive market and product training – arrive at sales calls unprepared or unable to apply the critical information and context needed to successfully sell into their markets. How do your sales reps rank?


Are Salespeople Prepared for Executive Conversations?

A recent Forrester Executive Buyer Insight Study reveals that only 36% of executive buyers believe that their meetings with salespeople are valuable and live up to their expectations. Fewer than 25% accept a follow-on meeting. How much revenue could this be costing you? Qstream can help.



Recorded Webcast – Making Continuing Medical Education Convenient, Fast and Fun: Inova’s Formula for Success

Healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to align clinical quality and patient safety initiatives with their CME programs. In this healthcare webcast, explore how leading medical center Virginia-based Inova Fairfax Medical Center is using Qstream’s mobile, game-based platform to drive improved patient safety and clinical knowledge among an interdisciplinary operating room (OR) team. Inova’s Dr. Heather Prentice, PhD, MPH, Surgical Epidemiologist/Biostatistician, shares how Qstream is successfully expanding the skills of their health care professionals in just minutes a day. Recorded March 19, 2015.


Recorded Webcast – Stop Wasting Money on Sales Training with Mike Kunkle

You’ve likely heard the lament, “Our sales training isn’t working.” If done well, sales training can be effective. But the act of training alone, without the context of continuing sales support or manager engagement, won’t change the game, leaving you to wonder what your investments are really buying you. In this exclusive webinar for ATD members, sales transformation expert Mike Kunkle and Qstream’s Lisa Clark discuss the most common reasons sales training fails, the importance of knowledge transfer and the role of managers in motivating long-term change, and the metrics that matter most when it comes to improving sales performance. Recorded March 4, 2015.


Recorded Webcast – SPARK Webinar: Q&A with Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools

Listen to sales guru, Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools.com and Duncan Lennox of Qstream in this dynamic, 30-minute roundtable as they explore the latest thinking, technology, and best practices for managing, measuring and motivating high-performance sales teams. Recorded February 24, 2015.


Recorded Webcast – Linking Sales Training to Business Results: The Three C’s of Success

The chief objective of training has always been the ability to go beyond information delivery and simple skills assessment to identify a direct, positive impact on business results. Sales managers continue to be frustrated by their inability to associate training investments to sales performance and new revenue acquisition. In this webinar hosted by the Sales Management Association, Qstream explores how the 3 C’s (coaching, confidence and correlation to sales performance) can help you successfully transform real-time training data into executive insights that managers love. Recorded January 7, 2015.


Recorded Webcast – Refocusing Sales Enablement Investments

Sales enablement solutions don’t always improve salesperson effectiveness. Instead, they improve Marketing’s ability to reliably deliver content into the hands of prospects and customers. Along the way, actual selling activity often gets lost. Today’s reps only have minutes to demonstrate value, yet nearly 1/3 of enterprise sales reps arrive at sales calls unprepared to apply the information and context needed to drive buying decisions. In this webinar hosted by the Sales Management Association, Qstream helps sales enablement pros move beyond content management processes and shares new approaches for knowledge reinforcement and behavior changes that are proven to enhance sales performance. Recorded October 1, 2014.


Recorded Webcast – The Three C’s of Successfully Linking Training to Business Results in Life Sciences

For years, the Holy Grail of training has been the ability to go beyond information delivery and simple skills assessment to identify a direct, positive impact on business results. Sales managers in particular are frequent victims, frustrated by their inability to associate training investments to sales performance and new revenue acquisition. In this webinar hosted by LTEN, Qstream explores how to apply predictive analytics to training outcomes and help teams connect the dots between sales metrics such as engagement, performance and content proficiency to actual business results. Recorded October 9, 2014.


Recorded Webcast – The Science Behind Changing Behavior: Navigating the Transition to Value-based Selling

Insurance training professionals are facing growing pressure to engage agents and producers and help them transition away from price-centric conversations in favor of more value-based selling activities. This requires close collaboration with sales management to identify behaviors that drive desired business outcomes, and then train where needed to help motivate change. In this webcast, hosted by the Society of Insurance Trainers and Educators (SITE), Qstream reveals new research insights demonstrating that selling systems designed to embrace the way our brains actually work can increase sales effectiveness and improve revenue achievement. Recorded September 26, 2014.


Recorded Webcast – From Malcolm Gladwell to Harvard: Strategies to Boost Learning & Behavior Change

Sales enablement is more than a one-time event, and must be sustaining in order to change behavior. As highlighted in Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling book David and Goliath, the incorporation of “desirable difficulties” into educational programs can also have a profound impact on learning. In this webcast, following the highly rated workshop from June’s LTEN (formerly SPBT) Annual Conference, Dr. Price Kerfoot explores recent scientific advances, as well as new reinforcement approaches proven to positively impact learning and behavior. Recorded July 29, 2014


Recorded Webcast – Pull-Through and Reinforcement: The Science of Changing Sales Behavior

In the era of less access, the role of pharma sales has changed dramatically. How can you ensure your training programs are reinforcing the skills your reps need? Watch this recording as industry leaders explore strategies to help you overcome your pull-through challenges and positively impact revenue growth. Recorded March 20, 2014 (1:06)


Recorded Webcast – Limitations of Sales Coaching & How to Increase Sales Rep Effectiveness

Listen to Jim Dickie of CSO Insights, and Duncan Lennox of Qstream, in this short webcast as they provide insights into the limitations of sales coaching today, and how to engage sales reps to increase sales effectiveness and optimize sales performance in as little as three minutes a day. Recorded December 10, 2013.


Recorded Webcast – Gamification & Mobile Reinforcement: Making Sales Training Sticky

In this webcast, Qstream and Richardson introduce a groundbreaking technology from Harvard Medical School that helps sales reps remember complex processes and facts. This technology and process leverages mobile and social gaming to drive adoption and motivation, and extends knowledge retention from weeks to years while maximizing your return on investment. Recorded December 10, 2013 (0:51)


Slideshare – Using Game Mechanics to Juice Your Sales Training

Dr. Price Kerfoot conducted groundbreaking research at Harvard Medical School into increasing learner engagement using individual and team competitions, scoring and leaderboards. His research shows that, when applied correctly, simple game mechanics can significantly increase engagement and knowledge retention. Presentation by Dr. Price Kerfoot for SPBT 2013.


Slideshare – Making Mobile Sticky: How to Ensure Knowledge Retention

mLearning is here to stay, but as we push beyond the tactical aspects of LMS integration, embracing rich media and determining enterprise solutions for deploying content on mobile devices, it’s time to zoom out to the big picture: how do we ensure knowledge retention with mobile learning? Presentation by Informa Training Partners and Dr. Price Kerfoot of Harvard Medical School for SPBT 2013.


Recorded Webcast – How Qstream and Spaced Education Can Help Your Hospital

In this healthcare Webcast, listen to Dr. Price Kerfoot review proof of how interval reinforcement can improve job performance in clinical settings. For hospitals offering education to their medical professionals, Qstream can increase the competency of physicians and clinicians and ultimately improve patient care. Recorded September 2013 (0:37)



Medical Device & Diagnostic Sales Training & Development Conference

March 30-31, 2015
Charlotte, NC


EyeforPharma Philadelphia

April 7-8, 2015
Philadelphia, PA


Pharmaceutical Managers’ Institute Annual Conference

April 17, 2015
Dublin, Ireland


Sales Innovation Expo

May 13-14, 2015
London, England


ATD International Conference

May 17-20, 2015
Orlando, FL


LTEN Annual Conference

June 1-4, 2015
Phoenix, AZ


SAVO Sales Enablement Summit

June 2-5, 2015
Chicago, IL


Society of Insurance Trainers and Educators 2015 Conference

June 20-24, 2015
Colorado Springs, CO